Friday, March 27, 2009


Opposites, a title which is very common and can be easily shown in picture. We are living in a world of equilibrium (what a mouthful to speak out this word....), hence, everything comes in pair which opposite each other. For example : man vs woman, black vs white, big vs small etc etc.

My initial plan of the opposite is the "Opposite in mind set". My set will be something like this: on top of my head, there are two opposites minds fighting each other. An angel will represent the positive mind, and a devil represent the negative mind. This can be done by cutting out an angel and a devil on paper and stick them on my flash so when flash fired, I would have the shape of these opposite figure throw onto the wall. However, time is not in favour of me, hence I go for my plan B which is Hot vs Cold.

What could be more easily understandable when I look at an ice and a fire to represent the extreme two condition that opposite each other, right? So, I have my plan and now setting out time !

My idea is a lighting match on the ice. So, I got a candle cup I bought from Ikea and put some water in it. Now come the problem: how do I secure the match in the water before it freeze into ice?? Match's density is lighter than water. Hence no matter how I put the match into the water, the match just float. I have no way to sink the match down if I don't do anything about it. Then I found this thing:

The fuse holder from Ikea's candle ! It secure the match pretty stable, and it's heavy enough to sink the whole set-up down onto the Ikea candle's cup. I was happy and put everything into the fridge and I went to sleep.

The next day, after work, came back so semangat, wanted to do my magic. The I realise, sh*t, I only construct one match + ice thingy only! That mean, I better get it right once and for all, or I have to do everything again !

So to make sure everything is in order and under my control, I test shot with an ice cube first.

OMG ! The ice melted so fast ! And a little un-even surface is the play ground for the ice: it "ski" on the surface ! LOL

Then I think again, what the heck, my Hot vs Cold set up has a candle cup what, how can it ski? I am happy and then start shooting. First a match test shot first to get the proper shutter speed to capture the fire, and adjust the flash power to lit up everything.

My lighting set up as shown in the photo above: just one F42 shoot into DIY soft box, with blue tang long paper covering the soft box. Ice placed on an acrylic board with black seamless paper underneath it.

I had only one shot, I pray hard hard so I could get it right.....

And I did burned my finger. LOL. So kids, don't do this at home when you are alone ! LOL

Does my photo has high chance of getting notice from the judges and become the top 5 put for voting? Well, let's wait and see lar.

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Syafik said...

This one is very good tutorial. I've learn a lot from u sifu, since the DE. Haha. Way to go abang templar! Keep it up!.