Thursday, November 27, 2008

He took my camera away....

... but he could never stop me from taking picture with my other camera !

It's time for me to awake the deep buried knowledge of mine. Yeah, I play guitar when I was young. Gee, sound like an old man mumbling about thing he did when he was young.

Well, I must admit, I'm no more categorised as young people, and I'm neither been labelled as elite, but rather hanging somewhere in the middle of no where.

Anyway, since I've nothing to do to fill up my spare time now, why not I just start to play guitar ? Ee Young would love to listen to me playing him a song to put him to sleep. Hehe....

Oh yes, I still have my trusty little Sony H1 with me. The above shots were done by pointing my flash with my DIY grid at camera right to the guitar. Of course my H1 could not do WL with my flash, but I can find a way to do that. How ? Secret. LOL

No lar, no secret behind it. Just put my camera on tripod, set long shutter speed at about 2sec and pop my flash with test button.

Easy, correct ? Everyone can do that. No problem.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Time to miss him.

Yes, I do miss him.

Separating from him really made me think of him every hour. I do miss his crying sound, and the way he wonder this world with his bright eyes. He has such a cute way of sleeping, and he is my cure to all those stressful incidents that happened to me recently: the broke in, Double Exposure etc etc.

Such a small fingers but he do grab my finger pretty strong. I felt there is a bond between us, and I have the responsibility to guide him, and to bring him to this world, and to protect him from any harmful threat.

No matter what, you shall not left un-notice, my dear son. Though we are separated 360km apart, you always in my heart.

Thinking of you every time, any where.

Be well with your mother, Ee Young. She nurses you with her precious mother milk, and you shall be strong and healthy.

Be well, my dear son, be well.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Back to Basic

This is my first week after my camera been stolen from that filthy loathsome thieve! I am of sudden do not have an urge to continue writing my blog. Why ? I am not sure.

Though I had always remind myself that hey, no big deal. I just lost a camera, and I should be glad that me and my family are safe.

I am sad, really, deep in my heart, I am sad, because after one year of learning photographic skill, I am thrill to see my son is coming to me, and I am ready to start my recording of his growing stage and to make an album for him, but now I couldn't do this anymore....

Will I continue owning a camera after this ? I can't tell at the moment. To start from zero is not easy for me now, as I have a son to feed already. Raising a family is my current main priority and I could just put aside my other thing.

Meaning that, I might just as well forget about owning another DSLR and quit photography for good. Many has asked me not to quit photography so easily, but what can I do if I don't own a camera?

I must say my thankfulness to all my friends out there who had offer their help for me to stand up again. I am really touched to know that a member of Alphanatics had started a collection campaign for me to re-gain my gears. But I have to say "no" to this noble gesture. I should not accept such help from you guys as I still am able to raise by myself.

Thank you to those who had supported me and tried to help me to find this thieve in the web. I am really thankful of all your effort.

And now, I am back to basic, using my trusty camera-phone to do the photo taking.

Anyway, life still goes on, and the Earth never stops because of me. Nothing will bring me down, and I shall grow stronger and wiser each day. Mourning time had ended, and my life goes on.

Hmm... time to look for a PnS camera. Let me see what we have in the market.....

In the memory of

My Sony A700 and CZ1680

You will always be in my heart.

Farewell, my friend, my companion and my comrade.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

He sleeps....

This little one sleeps with his left hand cover his left face. What a cute way of sleeping !

We did notice Ee Young has this cute sleeping habit when he was in his mother's womb; we saw him posing his left hand on his left face through the scan ! We didn't understand what he was trying to do, but we do now.

I do miss you, my little one. Especially what happened last night. I was relief that you were not with me when the robber broke into our apartment. No worry my little young one, I'm safe and sound here 360km away from you. Your mother had been sending your pics to me through handphone, and I'm glad you are well taken care of.

Sleep well, my son. Sleep well. You are unharmed from any danger. You are well protected. And you are loved.

Miss you so much, my dear Ee Young ! And do be gentle to your mum, will you ? :p

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Today, is a day....

That I lost my beloved camera and lens, the A700 and the CZ1680. :(

As well as all my other lenses, the 50mm and the SAL 75300.

Because, a robber broke into my house, and took all my gears !

Not only camera, but watches; mine and my wife's watches. Which are so meaningful to us. And now they are gone.........

Curse to that bugger, he shall not live in peace ! Until his last breath !

And now, I am starting to miss my camera..... :(

I don't even had any chance to say farewell to my beloved camera and my lens.......

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

50mm on APS-C = 75mm on FF ?

Let's talk the Physics behind the lens, shall we ?

Ok, I have an APS-C sensor camera, and I have a 50mm lens. My 50mm lens is an old full frame (FF) lens. Meaning, it's made and used before the digital sensor camera was introduced into the market.

I know that APS-C sensors are smaller than the FF sensor. How small? I'm an engineer, hence I read numbers to comprehend facts. The size of a FF sensor is 35.9mm by 24.0mm so to give an area of 861.6 sq. mm. And the size of an APS-C sensor is 23.5mm by 15.6mm giving an area of 366.6 Thus, APS-C sensor is in fact smaller than the FF sensor.

Hmm... sound stupid I am, right ? LOL. Well, I have time to kill, hence, just talk some crap ! LOL

Anyway, when we talked about mounting an FF 50mm lens onto the APS-C DSRL camera, the correct focal length is no more 50mm, but to multiply a crop factor of the APS-C sensor. Hence, in my case, my 50mm lens is actually a 75mm lens on my trusty A700 camera.

Sound complicated, eh ?

Well, again, I'm engineer and I speak in numbers. To understand more about this focal length change from 50mm to 75mm, I turn to my STPM Physics!

Oh crap, I had returned all my physics back to my teacher after I left school about 10 years ago. Refer back to the text book is a wise move to refresh my deep buried knowledge of optical physics.

This Advance Level Physics textbook written by Nelkon&Parker is damn boring if compared to the University Physics textbook. Well, what could I expect from a textbook that is written and published by a Brit ? LOL

Ok, turn to the page where the textbook talk about the physics of optic. There is a thin lens topic with the the Lens Equation is being derived. Not to bored myself, I skip the derivation part, and straight search for the thin lens equation, that is

The Lens Equation !

1/v + 1/u = 1/f

where v = distance of object from lens axis, u = distance of image from lens axis and f = focal length of the lens.

So, I have my equation. Then how to show that a 75mm FF lens is actually 50mm APS-C lens?

Not to complicate the whole thing, I assume my lens is a single lens only. Hence, my focal length, f is 50mm.

Say I have an object of 600mm in height. Say to cast the image onto a FF sensor, the size of the image will be 24mm. Hence, the magnification factor, m = 24/600 = 0.04.

By definition, the Magnification Factor, m is v/u or size of image/size of object.
m = 0.04 = v/u
v = 0.04u

So, in the lens equation, rearrange, I got this

1/0.04u + 1/u = 1/50

Solve it, I got the distance of object is u = 1,300 mm.

These numbers say : when an object of 600mm in height is placed at 1,300mm away from a 50mm lens, the image size is 24mm on a FF sensor.

So, what happen if the same object is cast onto an APS-C size sensor?
The size of the APS-C size sensor is 15.6mm. Hence, the magnification factor is 15.6/600 = 0.026.

Since the focal length of the lens doesn't change, hence the f = 50mm. Solving the equations similar to the above give this

1/0.026u + 1/u = 1/50
u = 1,973.07mm

So, this number tells me, if I put my object at 1,973.07 mm away from the lens, the image size will be at 15.6mm on a FF sensor. But, the actual object is actually placed at 1,300mm away from the lens. Hence, the actual lens focal length that give the image size of 15.6mm is

v = 0.04 x 1,973.07 = 78.92 mm
1/1,973.07 + 1/78.92 = 1/f
f = 75.89 mm

Hence, as conclude, when a 50mm FF lens mounted on an APS-C camera, I actually get a 75mm zoom lens instead.

So, do you understand what I wrote so far ?

I admit it sounds confusing. To sum up everything, when we mount a FF lens onto a APS-C camera, we get extra zoom by 1.5x factor.

Got it ?

No? Never mind, because I started to confuse also ! LOL

Thursday, November 6, 2008

How do you feel ?

Were you in pain when the doctor vacuum you out?

What shoe size will you wear when you've grown up ?

Which is the lucky girl's hand you will hold when you've grown up?

Sleep well, my dear son.
Don't worry about the future.
The future is full of unknown.
But what I know at the moment is,
you are safe and sound with us.

Sleep well, and be a healthy boy. :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

His Name is Ee Young

His name is Ee Yong.
He is 3.49kg in weight, and 51cm in length.
He is my son. :D

He was born on the 30th day of 10th month of the year of Rat.
And he is our very first son. :D

And we are trying our very hard to breast feed him !

To Ee Young, my son.
We are very proud of you.
You have bring joy to us, and those who are with us.
Please bare with us, and we shall succeed in breast fed you.

And to my son,
Welcome to this World ! ^_^