Thursday, November 6, 2008

How do you feel ?

Were you in pain when the doctor vacuum you out?

What shoe size will you wear when you've grown up ?

Which is the lucky girl's hand you will hold when you've grown up?

Sleep well, my dear son.
Don't worry about the future.
The future is full of unknown.
But what I know at the moment is,
you are safe and sound with us.

Sleep well, and be a healthy boy. :)


567 said...

I not understand why sister pak simply use the vacuum to suck the baby out? Since Angel tried second time only @@

男人 said...

Hmm... maybe the doctor wish to help a bit ?
I saw the doctor detach the vacuum cap after her first push. The baby was successfully delivered on 2nd push without the vacuum. :D

susu dan biskut... said...

Beautiful baby!


p.s: Not so kilse-(eee) right?

Templar Tan said...

Cikgu Ira

I know how you comment. So predictable. So "klice" (with a tick above the e). Hahahaha

Btw, thanks. :D