Sunday, October 25, 2009

From Russia with Thirst....

I didn't notice the cup I use to quench my thirst came all the way from the north, and it's a place where I couldn't link this cup to. I didn't notice the words "Made in Russia" until I bottom up my water in front of my computer monitor just a couple days ago !

Apart from 2 cups where I bought from Ikea that are made from Russia, I don't think I could find any other thing that come from this northern country. The watch I bought for my brother from Harbin, China about 10 years ago was made in USSR (WOW ! That's cool !) but I doubt it's a genuine one. Well, I was in China, and I have thousand of reason to doubt it although I was just km away from the border of Russia.

Anyway, it's really a rare occasion where I could get a product from Russia so easily. How on earth I could relate glass making with Russia ??? Why not from China ?? LOL. Well, could it because of Ikea, Russia is just like China to us ?


Friday, October 23, 2009

My First Time.....

Do you still remember your first porn movie ?
Do you still remember how you react to your first porn movie ???

I couldn't remember mine. LOL.
It could be a Taiwanese, or maybe a Jap porn.
And I probably acted like this during my first porn movie :


Yes, I camwhore again ! LOL

That would be my submission to the's October photo competition. Too bad because of my "special member status", I couldn't submit mine.

Three flashes were used in this shot: one just beside the laptop pointing on my face, try to mimic the laptop's monitor lighting hitting me. Another one from camera right, high up aiming at the wall just to give some touch on the wall, giving a sense of dimly lit room. Another one was actually redundant: it was a F42 with red gel shooting into the space behind me, just to add some colour, which in fact is redundant in my final shot.

Anyway, here are my test shots in stop-motion format.

Nothing fancy though, only made up of 30+ pics for this stop motion movie. :D

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Family Portrait

One kid, a father, a mother, a camera with self timer, one flash with shoot through umbrella = self made family portrait. As easy as that.

Oh, one very important element of doing this kind of shiok sendiri photographs is have fun ! Having a photo with my love ones should be fun to do so.

I enjoyed the shooting very much. I bet my little rascal enjoyed it too, so did my wife. :D

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I am officially turn 33

I turned 33 some days ago. So, by the time of this post being published, I'm officially turn 33 and how many days already.

What I did during my birthday ? I camwhore ! LOL

I had a bad hair day, again. Could be my gene problem, although I had gone to a nice saloon and pay extra expensive for my hair cut, I still look dumb. *duh* Well, in order making myself suffering not to accept the fact that I have bad hair, why not just accept it with open heart. Who cares I have bad hair ? No one really care anyway.

Time does fly like jet plane. I still think I'm just late 20s. LOL. Not until I took out the calculator and do some calculations. I rubbed my eyes for 2 or 3 times couldn't believe myself I've touch 30s ! LOL

Many thanks to all of you who left the wishing message on my FB wall. I'm really touched. :D

My birthday wish ? Hope all of you happy and well. :D
My birthday present ? Economy bad lar, makan oso got problem oledi liao, no more toys for 33 uncle liao ! LOL

Anyway, wish myself a belated Happy Birthday.

And thanks to my parent who had brought me to life to this world, and had taken care of me for the past 30+ years.

Oh, in case you wish to know how to light myself up like the above one, I did it with one flash bounce from reflective umbrella place behind the camera to act like a diffused on-axis light. ;)