Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy 牛 Year !

So fast, Chinese New Year coming liao. I just feel that Christmas baru over sahaja, and all of the sudden, the red festival had reached onto my door step. So much thing not yet done, and I just manage to finish barbered my hair. My new cloths not yet buy, my new shoes not yet buy.... so many things~~ How ar?

Don't care lar, I just pack up and head home for the New Year. It's been 1 month since I last saw my wife and my little monster, and I miss them so much.

And of course, I wish to wish everyone, a Happy Chinese New Year. And may the Year of Ox do bring prosper to you and live long.

Peace to the world, and stop violence. Be good, be nice and have faith in God that He will bring good to all of us, no matter what colour are you, what language you speak, what religion you believe in or what country you live in.

Not to forget, don't drink and drive. Even though drinking tao chui while driving also quite dangerous you know. Imagine, one hand with tao chui and you have one hand free to steer the car only. LOL. Be home in one piece, and eat dinner with your family. :D


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Purest Stare....

Well, I do agree that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. How could I say not beautiful when looking at him staring at me like that ?

I am not sure what he wanted to say, but I guest he might say: "what is papa doing with that big big black thing on his hand? And the 'kak-chak, kak-chak' sound so loud one !" and all these words were spoken in a very short baby language as "eh~~ya~~~". Haha...

Ok, I am actually in battle station with someone. Looking at his blog, he has a model posing with a bag, and the photo is blur blur one.

I also has one what. See the photo above, also blur blur one, and has eye catch light somemore. His one no catch light one ! So, I win ! LOL

Monday, January 19, 2009

Photos should be view like that....

Browsing through photos on the monitor doesn't sound "correct". Some how I don't get the "feel" of viewing pictures. These digital files had piled up my hard disk space, and I hardly had the interest to browse through all these photos that I took; I even had forgotten if I had taken those photo. Not until I start to develop my first ever album from my digital files.

The feel of flipping through the pages, touching the photos, feel the glossiness of the photos is so amazing. I am like get connected with the one in the photo.

This should be the correct way of viewing pictures, unless there is another that-I-might-not-know-but-had-been-accepted-not-generally-but-to-someone-only-as-the-"correct"-way to view pictures. If such way do exist, that would be interesting.

Anyway, with the first batch of the photos been developed, I hereby start my long time project of recording the growth route of my little monster. When he grown up, I'll just pass him this album and tell him all the story of what had happened during his first few months in this world.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Another one of my "should I, should I not" questions just answered not long ago. It will no longer be part my my burdens, and I just felt relief and accepted it with my calmest feeling.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Year of Mice is coming to its end.....

And this is the period of time when I am expecting my bonus to get into my account ! LOL

Is there any bonus for me this year ? I'm not so optimistic about this. All I wish is I could get my salary promptly from my company, and I'm happy about it.

And on the other hand, I need the bonus to get myself a new set of camera what.... :p

Hmm... which one should I get: continue the S brand ? Or the N one ? LOL

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year, New Glass !!

Well, these are my lenses too ! LOL

The foreground one is my latest "lens", and the background one is my old "lens" with new glass. I didn't know Carl Zeiss do produce spectacles' lens until I saw a brochure about CZ lenses in the shop. I asked about the price for a pair of CZ lens, and the price is something out of my imagination. LOL

I am having a slightly long sighted left eye and a small short sighted right eye. And I have quite a bad astigmatism on both eyes, which is quite dangerous if I drive at night.

With my new glasses on, I can see much clearer now. And I think I look good in DE show with my new spec, apart from my big tummy... haha :p