Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Purest Stare....

Well, I do agree that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. How could I say not beautiful when looking at him staring at me like that ?

I am not sure what he wanted to say, but I guest he might say: "what is papa doing with that big big black thing on his hand? And the 'kak-chak, kak-chak' sound so loud one !" and all these words were spoken in a very short baby language as "eh~~ya~~~". Haha...

Ok, I am actually in battle station with someone. Looking at his blog, he has a model posing with a bag, and the photo is blur blur one.

I also has one what. See the photo above, also blur blur one, and has eye catch light somemore. His one no catch light one ! So, I win ! LOL


Jannah said...

I vote for this pic!!

Only because I jeles the girl's handbag so cute one..

But your baby's eyes, says something like "Wassup Dad. Watch you looking at?"

Anonymous said...

LoLLLLLLLLLLL with u and Ari la.. lmao! =P

I vote for baby! cause it's sharp! hahaha unlike ari's unsharp picture.. hahaha =P

Emperor templarrrr tabik! =P

Templar Tan said...

Thanks for the vote ! :D

Haha... thanks for the vote!

What Emperor ? The empire had fallen. There is no emperor here.

Anonymous said...

Oh... Now i see where this is heading... This means more than WAR my friend..

Ey.. how can already start asking for votes ah..? I was not informed.. this is not fair..

FYI, blur is art.. Dont believe, ask George..

From now on.. Wait and see ok.. I'll prepare my ammo..

Ok, before war again, I would like to wish you and your family a very happy chinese new year. And also, you have a very cute monster ;)

Take care my enemy.. may our battle start a new and lasting friendship..

Templar Tan said...


Hmm... George will tell you also: underexposed pic is nothing wrong as well. LOL

I'm waiting for you next move, Lord of Air !

By the way, new year is near. So, no good war war each other. So, for the next 17 days, I'll say: Wish you good health, good fortune, good life and everything is good for the year of Ox.

Then, we start our battle again. Muahahahaha.... Err.... I didn't ask for votes ler. They voted for me, how? haha