Monday, January 19, 2009

Photos should be view like that....

Browsing through photos on the monitor doesn't sound "correct". Some how I don't get the "feel" of viewing pictures. These digital files had piled up my hard disk space, and I hardly had the interest to browse through all these photos that I took; I even had forgotten if I had taken those photo. Not until I start to develop my first ever album from my digital files.

The feel of flipping through the pages, touching the photos, feel the glossiness of the photos is so amazing. I am like get connected with the one in the photo.

This should be the correct way of viewing pictures, unless there is another that-I-might-not-know-but-had-been-accepted-not-generally-but-to-someone-only-as-the-"correct"-way to view pictures. If such way do exist, that would be interesting.

Anyway, with the first batch of the photos been developed, I hereby start my long time project of recording the growth route of my little monster. When he grown up, I'll just pass him this album and tell him all the story of what had happened during his first few months in this world.


Jannah said...

My photos collections took half of my HD space..

Susah juga jadi photograper ni kan?

The luckiest baby in the world, when he grows up he can show off fancy baby pics, not like last time all the baby pics bikin malu mahu show to friends :)

Anonymous said...

Tan, I agree on this is how we should view our pictures. Nothing compares to seeing a beautiful shot being printed. I have a lot of albums I bought from Japan as my portfolio but I keep on procrastinating. Well, after seeing yours, now I damn semangat wanna do my port laa..

As for your lil boy.. just keep on updating his pics and always print it. My laptop was stolen 5 years ago and all of my eldest daughters pics are there. Gone. My wife until now when she recalls all that, will get very upset that I didnt print those photos.
So, I think you're heading in the right direction with this printing album.. keep it up bro..

OK. Now we can Battle.. hhahahaaa...

Templar Tan said...

My father did take our fancy pictures! I'm just continuing what he had done 40 years ago.

I do find out one thing: the design of our album book is not nice one. I still looking for a nicer one to keep the photos lar.

I feel you bro! I had that upset feeling when my camera was stolen.

Kid grows very fast. I've not seen him for 1 month, I bet he is much different looking monster already. Look like I have to look at the 0% interest instalment plan already? LOL

Hmm... where is your next move in our battle? Oh yes, your latest shot ! Wait, let me plan my shots as well. The one hot gal with a bag look easy. Now, where is my tesco plastic bag..... LOL