Monday, November 29, 2010

New Gadget in the House

I didn't iPhone myself although I have a chance to do so. My old mobile phone decided to call it a day and refused to accept power charging when I do so. I was happy and sad at the same time; happy as I finally has a valid reason to get myself a new mobile phone with straight approval from Home Minister, and sad because there aren't enough money in my bank book for me to own an iPhone.

I could own an iPhone with credit cards easy payment,instead burdening myself with interest free monthly instalment, I choose not to. My first mobile phone was Nokia, it was the trusty little blue colour Nokia 3230. :D Nokia made reliable handphones, and I bet this one would serve me well.

Once again, the familiar Nokia ring tone rang again. :D

Monday, November 22, 2010

Some recent update

I knew I've been not maintaining my English blog. Blame to the work load that come to me. After moving back to Penang from KL, I lost most of my free time I used to have when I was in KL. From 5 days work per week to 6 days work per week, from nothing to do in the office back then to a practically no rest working hours, I have no much time for me to think of blogging.

Once in a blink of my mind, I wanted to stop blogging, that includes my Chinese blog.

Of course I don't wish to stop blogging. Just I might take out some time to write a post in my blogs.

So, what I am up to these days ?

I Mac myself. LOL.

Not a new one of course. I bought this 1 year old MacBook Pro from a friend of mine who he wished to upgrade to iMac. I was exited with my first ever Mac. Been using it for a month and am surprise to see how fast it turn on and turn off when compare to my brand new Dell Inspirion desktop. This Mac is just a 2 core Intel processor, where my Dell desktop is running on i5 processor.

However, Mac isn't that Godlike after all, it do hang occasionally. LOL. Look like bite an apple a day not always kick a windoz away. :p

And blogging with Mac is a headache for a windoz guy like me. I find the HTML codes from Safari browser is not understandable with extra lines and extra commands. Look like a Mac machine isn't that friendly anyway.

My son is 2 years old now, and he started to speak more words. He could already speak out a simple sentence in object-verb-subject format. He has learned lots of things from the adults by just observing what we do and what we speak. And he likes been photographed.

My soft box DIY project has been put on halt although I've drawn out the plan and the materials are ready. One word : lazy. LOL

Anything else to update? No. As my life isn't that interesting after all. LOL.