Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Age: 5 Months

Long path awaits you.
Be strong, be good and be nice.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Untitled, again.

I was backing up my hard disk, and found these flower shots I did some when Sep, 2008. Personally, I like this two shots. I think I was trying to be artistic and tried to produce some fine art photos thingy. But I don't have macro lens that time. So, what I did was cropping instead. LOL

Anyway, credit should be mentioned to the superb great lens of Carl Zeiss SAL1680. It is a great lens and I don't regret owned it before. If I have any chance, I would definitely get it back as my walkaround lens for sure.

Proud to use-to-be a Zeiss Master !

Monday, April 13, 2009

Something to chill out...

The days was hot. Although last night raining, but I still sweating like no body business. I was worried I would be dehydrated ! LOL

Well, a cool beer would chill me up, doesn't it ? ;)

Just playing some black card flash method. Not that easy as I expected. Sure lar, me not good in photography mar.....

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's a chair ? It's a hat ? No! It's a ......

It's a Bumbo Chair ! LOL

I received this bumbo seat from my brother who lives in UK some weeks ago. Many thanks to him. Being sharing the same gene as my brother, we also want to play with this seat before letting our cute son to sit on it. So, we just did what my brother had done in UK :

It's a helmet !! LOL. Behold ! This is the Guardian of the Light who stops the Dark Evil from entering my house ! LOL

Okok, it's a baby seat.

And I think Ee Young likes it very much, doesn't he ?

Yup, he does like it. :D

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Trying to be artistic, again.

I call this : Unplug.

And I call this Commercial Art.

Ok or not ?

Friday, April 3, 2009


Majority who owns a DSLR sure will talk about boh-keh one. Why? Not sure. It's a Japanese word describing the out of focus part of the photo. Why use Japanese word ? Donnu also. Maybe it sounds sweeter than the English out-of-focus-and-look-so-creamy (what a mouthful to say....) kua.

Since I own a DSLR, hence, being kiasu, I also want to talk about boh-keh. But I want to be a bit different. I modify my boh-keh.

So, one night I was so bored, I do some modified boh-keh thingy lar. Behold, my first ever modified boh-keh photo:

Not bad, right? Look like the Canadian leaf shape one. When I don't understand what photo I took, I call this artistic. LOL

Then I think again: can I do modified boh-keh with flash also? Since I shoot in digital, no harm give it a try, right? And behold, my first ever modified boh-keh photo with WL flash !

Super artistic, right ? LOL. I call it the north star ! Pardon me the bad shaping of my star, my hand is big mar, cannot do small cutting. Then I say, haiya, so plain, nothing to see. Then I shoot again...

Then I say star very boring lar. Since I am so bored, I make myself even bored to death by cutting a love shape boh-keh ! LOL

I wanted one love shape only, but I got so many love boh-keh thingy out ! I am happy ! Oh, no, I suppose to be bored, so I was happy and bored. LOL. So happy and bored I shot the place where my house computer locates and I got this:

See, love is everywhere! I am so bored, happy and surrounded with love, I wanted to do something else. Hence, I brought out my DIY softbox, my wedding present from my brother who is a doctor, and set up a small studio and shot one photo which I call it "Love is in the air".

After I shot this photo, I still at bored. So boring that I went into my room and sleep straight away......


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's a Jaguar !

It's a 1:18 scale Jaguar 1961 "E" Cabriolet model car. I'd been eyeing at this model from my brother's room for years. It had been collecting dust since it appeared in my house some years ago. I waited for a right moment to ask my brother's permission to bring it down from the top shelve and practice some photographic lighting skill of mine.

Cleaning it was harder than I expected. Thanks to my super multi-purpose house vacuum, I could simply suck away the loose dusty particles away. Then with a wet cloth, carefully I wiped through the whole car and clean it as much as possible. Although all this hard work been done, still there are dust in some hidden corner of this car. I couldn't do much but to shoot at any angle not to expose the dirty part of this model.

Light up the car is not an easy job to do as well. I should treat it as a real car and try to light it as a real car as well. Thanks to a flickr member that he shows his lighting set up and I manage to try out his way and did my own model car photoshoot.

As usual, I put these works of mine in some local photographic forum asking for comment and critics, and the comments are rather, well, predictable. For sure there is a comment saying "clean your car before shooting" one. And no comment on angle, lighting etc etc.

Well, this is understandable lar, since this is not a hot babe photos, sure no much people interest to comment one lar.

Anyway, I uploaded the above picture into my flickr account and I am surprised to get quite a good comments from those mat salleh out there. And to my surprise as well this pic is been Explored at #380 ! LOL. Not a very nice number to be explored, but hey, it's on top 500 of that day in flickr you know! LOL

Here is the lighting set-up. Nothing fancy about the lighting, all using my DIY soft boxes, chopping board from IKEA, DIY grid and el-cheapo black seamless paper as back ground.