Friday, April 3, 2009


Majority who owns a DSLR sure will talk about boh-keh one. Why? Not sure. It's a Japanese word describing the out of focus part of the photo. Why use Japanese word ? Donnu also. Maybe it sounds sweeter than the English out-of-focus-and-look-so-creamy (what a mouthful to say....) kua.

Since I own a DSLR, hence, being kiasu, I also want to talk about boh-keh. But I want to be a bit different. I modify my boh-keh.

So, one night I was so bored, I do some modified boh-keh thingy lar. Behold, my first ever modified boh-keh photo:

Not bad, right? Look like the Canadian leaf shape one. When I don't understand what photo I took, I call this artistic. LOL

Then I think again: can I do modified boh-keh with flash also? Since I shoot in digital, no harm give it a try, right? And behold, my first ever modified boh-keh photo with WL flash !

Super artistic, right ? LOL. I call it the north star ! Pardon me the bad shaping of my star, my hand is big mar, cannot do small cutting. Then I say, haiya, so plain, nothing to see. Then I shoot again...

Then I say star very boring lar. Since I am so bored, I make myself even bored to death by cutting a love shape boh-keh ! LOL

I wanted one love shape only, but I got so many love boh-keh thingy out ! I am happy ! Oh, no, I suppose to be bored, so I was happy and bored. LOL. So happy and bored I shot the place where my house computer locates and I got this:

See, love is everywhere! I am so bored, happy and surrounded with love, I wanted to do something else. Hence, I brought out my DIY softbox, my wedding present from my brother who is a doctor, and set up a small studio and shot one photo which I call it "Love is in the air".

After I shot this photo, I still at bored. So boring that I went into my room and sleep straight away......



sinnerbuyer said...

the northen star looks more like a star with big bang.. haha kidding!

Templar Tan said...

Kakaka.... that was I think when first looked at this pic too ! haha

Lewis said...