Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's a Jaguar !

It's a 1:18 scale Jaguar 1961 "E" Cabriolet model car. I'd been eyeing at this model from my brother's room for years. It had been collecting dust since it appeared in my house some years ago. I waited for a right moment to ask my brother's permission to bring it down from the top shelve and practice some photographic lighting skill of mine.

Cleaning it was harder than I expected. Thanks to my super multi-purpose house vacuum, I could simply suck away the loose dusty particles away. Then with a wet cloth, carefully I wiped through the whole car and clean it as much as possible. Although all this hard work been done, still there are dust in some hidden corner of this car. I couldn't do much but to shoot at any angle not to expose the dirty part of this model.

Light up the car is not an easy job to do as well. I should treat it as a real car and try to light it as a real car as well. Thanks to a flickr member that he shows his lighting set up and I manage to try out his way and did my own model car photoshoot.

As usual, I put these works of mine in some local photographic forum asking for comment and critics, and the comments are rather, well, predictable. For sure there is a comment saying "clean your car before shooting" one. And no comment on angle, lighting etc etc.

Well, this is understandable lar, since this is not a hot babe photos, sure no much people interest to comment one lar.

Anyway, I uploaded the above picture into my flickr account and I am surprised to get quite a good comments from those mat salleh out there. And to my surprise as well this pic is been Explored at #380 ! LOL. Not a very nice number to be explored, but hey, it's on top 500 of that day in flickr you know! LOL

Here is the lighting set-up. Nothing fancy about the lighting, all using my DIY soft boxes, chopping board from IKEA, DIY grid and el-cheapo black seamless paper as back ground.


sinnerbuyer said...

i thought it was dust on your car.. but hey.. it was just my monitor.. ur car was clean just fine!

Templar Tan said...

Welcome !

Oh, you remind me to clean my monitor as well ! LOL

Thanks. :D

Tzy Wen said...

the last photo's lighting is really good!