Friday, April 10, 2009

It's a chair ? It's a hat ? No! It's a ......

It's a Bumbo Chair ! LOL

I received this bumbo seat from my brother who lives in UK some weeks ago. Many thanks to him. Being sharing the same gene as my brother, we also want to play with this seat before letting our cute son to sit on it. So, we just did what my brother had done in UK :

It's a helmet !! LOL. Behold ! This is the Guardian of the Light who stops the Dark Evil from entering my house ! LOL

Okok, it's a baby seat.

And I think Ee Young likes it very much, doesn't he ?

Yup, he does like it. :D


syafik said...

Hahaha!. Haiya.. This guy har.. Hahaha. Saya sudah guling-guling gelak tengak bambo chari tu gelak dekat kepala. Hahaha.

Nice one! Really. :D

Templar Tan said...


Just for some good laugh over blue monday. LOL