Friday, October 23, 2009

My First Time.....

Do you still remember your first porn movie ?
Do you still remember how you react to your first porn movie ???

I couldn't remember mine. LOL.
It could be a Taiwanese, or maybe a Jap porn.
And I probably acted like this during my first porn movie :


Yes, I camwhore again ! LOL

That would be my submission to the's October photo competition. Too bad because of my "special member status", I couldn't submit mine.

Three flashes were used in this shot: one just beside the laptop pointing on my face, try to mimic the laptop's monitor lighting hitting me. Another one from camera right, high up aiming at the wall just to give some touch on the wall, giving a sense of dimly lit room. Another one was actually redundant: it was a F42 with red gel shooting into the space behind me, just to add some colour, which in fact is redundant in my final shot.

Anyway, here are my test shots in stop-motion format.

Nothing fancy though, only made up of 30+ pics for this stop motion movie. :D


Kenny Oh Ngu said...

so this is your first time.. LOL... why i never think tht before... too late oledy... submit oledy. muahahahaha...

Templar Tan said...

@Kenny Oh Ngu
I don't think I got chance to win if I am allowed to submit mine. :p

Azuan said...

Sure or not!!!

So malu2...

GREAT STUFF man! As always good laugh...

Kenny Oh Ngu said...

i don know how to describe ur people mind... LOL... why first time should link some kind of.. yellow yellow thing.. wakakakakekekeke....but your shot cukup dahsyat... the face... really put in the mood... but you oledy 33 liao ler... when saw the "thing,thing" got like this meh... I guess should turn into "AaaarrrrWoooooo" wakakakaekeke... Kidding bro. :O)

Templar Tan said...

Kekekekeke... sure one I tell you ! :p

Well, that was my first time. Now ? I don't do like that anymore ler. Watching porn is more to like a private thingy, I won't shout "AaaarrrrrWooooooo". ;)