Thursday, November 27, 2008

He took my camera away....

... but he could never stop me from taking picture with my other camera !

It's time for me to awake the deep buried knowledge of mine. Yeah, I play guitar when I was young. Gee, sound like an old man mumbling about thing he did when he was young.

Well, I must admit, I'm no more categorised as young people, and I'm neither been labelled as elite, but rather hanging somewhere in the middle of no where.

Anyway, since I've nothing to do to fill up my spare time now, why not I just start to play guitar ? Ee Young would love to listen to me playing him a song to put him to sleep. Hehe....

Oh yes, I still have my trusty little Sony H1 with me. The above shots were done by pointing my flash with my DIY grid at camera right to the guitar. Of course my H1 could not do WL with my flash, but I can find a way to do that. How ? Secret. LOL

No lar, no secret behind it. Just put my camera on tripod, set long shutter speed at about 2sec and pop my flash with test button.

Easy, correct ? Everyone can do that. No problem.

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