Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Should I or should I not.

I am haunted by this question day and night. Decisions upon decisions to be made, but seem like I'm not able to cast my answers to all the "should I or should I not" questions.

What had been haunting me spread widely from my personal matters to my career matters. Questions like should I continue or not, should I change or not, should I stay or not etc, remain unanswered.

Too many things happen in such a short one month period. I'm like a computer that has too many programs to run, and my processor is just has not enough resource to perform every task from each program.

I think I need to stop some "unnecessary programs" to free out some juice of my already over-ran processor. I need a rest at the moment.

Becoming a father is one big change in my life. This young fella is already showing his particular "sarcastic" behaviour and I can foresee we will have some hard time to "tame" this little monster...

Participating into Double Exposure competition really open my eyes. Being categorised as an"experienced" participant, which I do feel this "assumption" is un-fair to me, had never give me any advantage in this competition. Not only we were tested for our physical strength, but also stamina stability and our ability to take the mental pressure. I should not tell much about what had happened in DE as we had signed a "No Tell" agreement. :p

Anyway, since the year is coming to its end, I believe some of my "questions" will be answered shortly. What I need to do now is to re-arrange my mind and put all together and start to analyse the situation and make some drastic adjustments. What kind of adjustments ? Wait and see lar.


zeetuwaywern said...

everything is one big KLISE okay. i also feel like that right now. dont know if joining DE was a good decision or not : (

tired, stressed, too many priorities dont know what to focus on.

but if there's one person i hope to see win, it's you lor seriously! so jia you!

Anonymous said...

i'm waitin to try out the 16-35 first hand..

so.. u know what to do la.. =) u have my prayers..

keep it up there templar! =) eh wait.. WAITTT!..
sifu! bows down..

Templar Tan said...


Hmm... does your surname spell Tze Tu or SzeToo or SzeTu or TzeToo or ZeeTu ???

Anyway, joining DE is a wise choice for all of us. At least we do expose ourself to the real world.

We are all have equal chance of winning in this competition. So, there is no absolute "clear winner" at the moment. So, zeetu, we should work all the way up there and grab the prizes !

Hmm... I think the 16-35 is on the shelve for testing already. Why not you go and test it? LOL

I've touched it already ! Damn poisonous and damn heavy ! :p

Thanks for your prayers. I appreciate that.

aiyo... how could an emperor sifu bow on me one ? Cannot cannot! I can beheaded one you know! LOL

567 said...

Before decision is make, we need to consider too many factors surround us...Life is like that, I believe most of the people faced the same problem like u. (me too @@)

Well, I hope your drastic adjustment make your future life more fantastic stories to share! hahaha.....

Anonymous said...

Bro.. you dont need DE to become a pro..... its your passion.... do what you like and you will be happy for your whole life....

Templar Tan said...

Somehow, I would not to complicated the whole situation. Of course my family will be my main priority. Nothing is more important than my family.

Hmm... who said I join DE to become pro ? When I said I want to become pro ?

Of course I'll do what I like to be a happy man. Why I need to do things that other think I'm good at? ;)

Anonymous said...

tan... if like that aaa... rileks at home la... mesti happy punya... takde duit baru pergi kerja