Monday, December 15, 2008

KL Walk

Last weekend were well spend. I received a message from George the Sony God saying he organised an outing with the Double Exposure gang and see if I wanted to join or not. Since I'm free over the weekend, so, why not ? So, I grab my trusty little Sony DSC H1 and joined the walk.

Who turned out ? Basri, KJ, Bryan, Christ, Ira, Shafiq and TC. Nine of us just nice of to make up a group to explore the heritage field of Kuala Lumpur.

So, what was our task ? George the Sony God said:"Try to find how bad our heritage buildings are beeing maintained ! Please limit to 50 shots only." Wait a minute, was it a task given from DE or what ? LOL. Anyway, what he tried to say was: train yourself to see and to plan your shots. He got his point lar. No point shot a lot and then come back to select our photos, right ? So, we headed to the heritage trail and start shooting ......

It was raining, and I have no idea what to shoot. I choice to get the detail instead.

I tried to be artistic while taking this photo! Haha

Sometime, if I can't get anything from looking up, I just look down and find the reflection on the water. I found this spot and the building ngam ngam being reflected such this way. I wanted somebody would had jump over the pool of water and I'd capture him half way jumping over the pool, and I figured out that would be a great picture. Yes, I'm "copying" one shot from Henri Carter's photo. :p

Some of us do not know this building is the Gallery Kuala Lumpur and KL Library. I wonder what is the Gallery showcasing at the moment... The ground floor seem to be so dark.... Anyway, something to say about this photo. I tried so hard to capture the building so that the lines are straight. But being not at the same level as the building, what I got still has the line senget a bit. I waited for the motorcycle to come into the scene to fill up the empty space of the foreground. I left in the car in this shot to show as a scale of the building size. But seem like some of us think the car is a distraction element....

I waited so long hoping the flag would "fly" up but the wetted flag is too heavy to be lifted up by the wind. This is the best shot I got on that day. Tree leaves and trunk were added in as a frame. Pretty simple and back to basic rule of photography.

The Cathedral of St Mary, Kuala Lumpur. I've been to this church before, and this is my 2nd time I entered the church. Well, being no inspiration what to shoot, I saw this cross on top of the building. The roof pattern behind the cross provide quite nice texture background.

Pattern pattern and pattern.

Everyone has their own story to tell....

Conventional analogue TV programme?

Or the digital, overpriced, repeated TV programme?
Your call.

It was a fun walk around KL, although the rain is the mood killing. We ended our journey by photo sharing session with some great critics and comments from the floor, and it was damn late by the time I reach home, and fell sick after that ! LOL

Oh, by the way, thanks to the Sony God's treat on the dinner. I had just a nasi lemak from Old Town Kopitiam only. Look like we all are good to him, huh ? LOL


盈盈 said...

My favorite is the one at Cathedral of St Mary (^^)

The Malaysian Explorer said...

Nice photos of some of the KL attractions. May I use it at my site here

The Malaysian Explorer

Jannah said...

Hmm rasa so sad didn't join this walk..I'm gonna post some photos of buildings i shot masa jejalan geng flickr tempoh hari..minta pendapat kamu okay?

Templar Tan said...

Thanks. :D

The Malaysian Explorer
Which photos you would like to use? I have no objection if credit mentioned and the link from where the photo is taken from. :D

I tried lar since I'm not that good in building photos. :)