Monday, December 22, 2008

The year is coming to its end....

And I have nothing to share what happened in this year.

I supposed to leave this company and find another job, but I still stuck with current job with fake promises from the Management.
I supposed to get my title, but I do find out that a higher ranking title in Engineering world doesn't put me a better place.
I supposed to be a happy father, but now I'm thinking of him everyday; and I don't think thinking of him everyday is a happy thing to do.
I supposed to have completed my knowledge in photographing, but bad thing happened and forced me to a halt.

So, new year has come. Should I wish for new hope ? Hmm.... I better don't. Not all my new hope, in fact, none of my new year hopes materialised over my 30+ years of life. Hence, I better put it such a way that thank God that I'm still healthy, and I am still have a roof to cover me from all kind of weather and I still able to feed myself and my love ones and do not let them hungry.

Anyway, new year mar, must be happy one!

By the way, can I blog about Double Exposure ar ?

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