Monday, December 29, 2008

New Member

She is the latest member of my family. She was adopted by my father 1 week ago while she was wondering around the market somewhere near my house. Love her eyes, so naive and so cute.

What is her name ? Hmm... I'm not sure.

I'd been not keeping a dog for many many years. The last one I had before I headed to USM, Tronoh was a black dog where we shared our childhood together playing around the compound of my father's factory. Though cat is always my favourite pet, I could actually take care of a dog pretty well.

This little four legged creature would definitely plays an important role in my house: as the house guardian. It may not stop those people from coming into our house, but at least would give out some warnings to them and saying:"Stay away, or I'll bite !"

Anyway, although I have no problem with dogs, in fact, we like dogs, but I still prefer cats. Oh boy, how do I wish I could keep a cat. :D


盈盈 said...

hey, this one is really cute!! I always love dogs way much than cat! But your cats stories always amaze me (^^)

Templar Tan said...

Well, puppies are always cute! Not until when it starting to "exercise its jaws....", then we have problems ! LOL

Oh dear, I still love my cats. :D