Monday, December 8, 2008

Decision, decision, decision.

Hmm... one thing no good being an adult is to make decisions.

Every time when I look at my little one, what he does for the time being is eat, sleep and cry out loud. Does he need to decide when to eat ? When to sleep ? Or what to do next ? I don't know. But seem to me that he has nothing else to trouble himself but eat sleep and cry.

How good if our world is not that complicated....

Anyway, holding Ee Young on my hands and pamper him to sleep has became my meditation. I felt so peaceful during the pampering action and I am focus on him. When he slowly close his eyes and sleep soundly on my arms, I felt tranquillity around me. That is the time my mind is peaceful and I have no to worry much thing.

However, when I awake from my meditation, I still need to make decision on lots of things. The questions of should I or should I not still un-answered.

Well, I believe this "should I or should I not" quenstions will still be haunting me for quite sometime. I think I need to note down all my questions and start to try to answer them as many as possible.

Maybe some of them will be answered before CNY. I do hope so. Let's wait and see....

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kiankheong said...

You may choose to run on Autopilot mode.