Monday, December 22, 2008

It's a Winter Solstice Festival!

Time do flies like the Enterprise flying in Warp 8 towards the final frontier. Without much realise, 2008 really is coming to its ending already. And 4 days before the very commercialised Christmas is the Winter Solstice Festival; the winter festival for Chinese and the last festival before the CNY.

This year's Winter Solstice Festival is quite special to me because I'm celebrating the festival with my son. He had been discharged from the Hospital, and he is getting well everyday.

Yes, he may look cute at this moment. When I wish to rest my arm from holding him too long (hey, he is a 4kg++ baby !), this is what I get :

He literally transform from a pretty angel to a crying devil ! I think he is a Transformer fans already ! LOL

So, how was the tang yuan his grandmother cook during this festival ? Little Ee Young gave her these faces :

I think he likes the soup made by his grandmother. So do I! :D

Anyway, I wish all of you, Happy Belated Winter Solstice Festival ! :D


zeetuwaywern said...

happy winter festival tan! i really really really really really really like to eat tang yuen lor! :D

your son is so chomel, may he be well and healthy always : )

yesyes blog about DE! haih rupanya being an engineer also not that easy wan. hopefully the next year will be much much better!

Templar Tan said...

My mother's tang yuan taste so sweet like no body business one! LOL

Well, growing up is not easy. Being an Engineer only has the glamorous name, we still need to work like ever one else.

Anonymous said...

Walao-weh, your son is insanely pretty x_x just look at his sharp eye ! OMG !

smashpOp said...

cute son! wat came u used btw

Templar Tan said...

Welcome and thank you ! :D

Welcome and thank you ! :D

It's a A300. :D

Jannah said...

His eyes so bright and big..cutenyer...

Happy Holidays and may you have a great 2007 ahead :)