Monday, November 24, 2008

Time to miss him.

Yes, I do miss him.

Separating from him really made me think of him every hour. I do miss his crying sound, and the way he wonder this world with his bright eyes. He has such a cute way of sleeping, and he is my cure to all those stressful incidents that happened to me recently: the broke in, Double Exposure etc etc.

Such a small fingers but he do grab my finger pretty strong. I felt there is a bond between us, and I have the responsibility to guide him, and to bring him to this world, and to protect him from any harmful threat.

No matter what, you shall not left un-notice, my dear son. Though we are separated 360km apart, you always in my heart.

Thinking of you every time, any where.

Be well with your mother, Ee Young. She nurses you with her precious mother milk, and you shall be strong and healthy.

Be well, my dear son, be well.


567 said...

Now u experience it!
Oh ya, this sunday is Ee Young's full moon liao, glad for him!

Angel back to KL or not after full moon, we miss her so much lei :p

Anonymous said...

congrats on the newborn again templar.. =)

eddyhan said...

eh templar...

before the pics got loaded, when i read the first few paragraphs...

...i kinda got scared. i thought you turned into...

but the pics came up and i was like, "oohhhh talking about the son."


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA eddy! bugger u.. u turning into one of those is it? hahaha

Syafik said...

abg templar.. apabila membaca post ini memuatkan saya nak kahwin.. soob..

Templar Tan said...

Hehe... now I know being a parent is not a kid play.
She will be in KL soon, after her final check up.

Thanks again.


Welcome !
Haha... apabila anda sudah berkahwin, dan apabila anda sudah beranak, dan apabila anda berjauhan daripada anak anda, maka anda akan bersefahaman dengan saya. LOL