Saturday, March 14, 2009

My In Laws

They are my in-laws. They came all the way from Johor to pay us a sort visit during the long holiday last week.

My wife brought them to Ikea on Sunday and I was baby sitting my son. That was my first ever time that our baby was left to me in house and he was away from his mother for quite a long period. I thought it would be a disaster to me but to my surprise, this little monster was so tame that he slept through all the way until my wife came back.

As expected, my mother in law was so worried and felt guilty to leave me at home taking care of my son. She was relief to see us "in one piece". LOL

Hey, I can be a pretty well baby sitter one ! LOL

Anyway, here is a photo of my little monster at his 4th month in age.
And I think he was rapping when I took this photo. LOL

Yo man ~~ Check it out ~~


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