Monday, March 23, 2009

I went there to see balloons, but.....

... the balloons were so few and so uninteresting to see, I regretted going all the way to Putrajaya. Probably because of the bad whether, the rain just stopped, the sky was dull, and the time was late. I reached there about 6 pm and what I saw was just a handful of balloons being prepared to take off. Not more than 5 "normal shape" balloons.

Well, not to say boring lar, I went there sure got purpose one. Since I left some shots on my first ever film photography before I send it out for printing, why not I tested out some outdoor shots ?

The balloons were not so interesting to see, so I looked up. Who know I might see something interesting...

Lot of space with a tiny small aeroplane in the frame. They call this art. No? LOL. Putrajaya is so near to KLIA. I never knew KLIA is such a busy airport since our hope of KLIA becoming a travel hub in this region is a failure. I think I saw a plane take off about every 5 minutes. Is 5 minutes of "return period" for an airport is categorise as a "busy" airport? LOL.

Spending some minutes beside the monument, I noticed that the balloons did not float high into the sky, but they were floating very near to the ground... why ar?

And at the end, dusk approached. The sky is still dull, and the sunset wasn't nice to look at. I found this crane from a construction site which is located nearby the place where the balloons are taking off. I thought it could become a nice subject with the dusk as background.

The light was falling rather fast, and by the time I reached my car, the sky was already darken down. And I went home with a full exposed film waiting to be developed, and a tired and hungry body.

So, how are the film ? Wait till I develop them and see lar. Finger cross hope that all my film frames are properly exposed.


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