Monday, March 23, 2009

My DIY Project : Ring Flash Adaptor!

Ok, my hand itchy again, and I was really super upset because of my work. Hence, I get myself busy by doing another DIY stuff that I had planned for many months: my DIY ring flash adaptor.

Yup, I am trying to make myself an Orbis Ring flash adaptor.

The material is my favourite all purpose corrugated sheets that can be easily found in Tesco or any book store, Tesco aluminium foil paper, cloth tapes, glue and mah jong paper as diffuser.

As usual, everything to be sketched in paper to get all the dimensions:

Based on the concept that the light travel in straight line, and will deflect at the same angle as the direction where it come from, simple physics. Hence, the key element of my flash adaptor would be the 45 deg bend from the flash head bracket. By theory, what ever flash light that came out from the flash head will be deflected directly to the circular ring "soft box" below since the whole compartment of the flash bracket is sealed and no light leakage.

I got my concept, I got my dimensions, cut out all the parts and the construction started without any delay. Oh, by the way, this ring flash adaptor is made for my beloved flash F58 "Cobra Head".

All parts been cut out and ready for construction.
Before everything is put together by cloth tapes, the inner side of the soft box will be covered by aluminium foil paper.

The two major parts of my adaptor.
The top right hand is the flash adaptor and the bottom is the ring soft box.

How the flash head mount on the flash bracket of my ring flash adaptor.

Assembly these two major parts with cloth tapes, secure the flash adaptor with layers of cloth tapes. Cover the opening of the flash adaptor with mah jong paper as diffuser. Test shots !

Not bad, huh? :p
Test shots again, with me of course as the super model again. LOL

Not bad, right ? LOL. This shot was taken on flash manual mode. I was sceptical that TTL would work on my flash adaptor, but I was wrong. Not quite wrong, because Sony ADI function is not usable under this flash adaptor, but it works pretty well under P-TTL function of my camera.

Sure work lar, because under P-TTL, a pre-flash will be fired first and the camera will calculate the flash power based on the return reading from the bounce surface. This picture look a bit under, so I add flash compensation to +1EV and took a shot again:

A bit better, right ? I so like to play with my new toy until I took a shot again, but this time different pose.

Ok, I hear someone puking again.... LOL

Of course my O-bis Ring Flash adaptor can be used as off camera ring flash as well. It is so light that it can be oriented like this:


With this new flash modifier, hence complete lar my collection. No more thing need to be done under my wish list liao. LOL.

Yeah, I know I know it look ugly. Never mind what, just for my own use. :p


Wingz said...

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Templar Tan said...


Anonymous said...

Ey.. can do for me ah this one? It looks damn complicated laa... but I really want a ring flash... please laa.. I belanja teh o ais limau. LOL...

Templar Tan said...

Wahlau, do this for just a teh o ais limau ar? How can ?

Syafik said...

Wah! Abg templar sangat rajin haa~ Haha. Nice work abg templar. :D

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Wasserstein said...

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