Thursday, March 26, 2009

My first roll of film.

Finally, I finished shooting my first ever film by using my SLR, the Yashica FX-3 Super !

After consulted some hardcore film photography friends of mine, I decided to start with a cheap and yet ok film which is the Kodak 400. I was a bit kiasi that time. Although this SLR has in-built metering, but I still worry low ISO would cause all photo to be blurry because of hand shake. Well, we are talking about film, hence we shall not say noise, but we admire the grain. LOL

I was praying hard hard so all my exposure would be correct and pray hard hard so that all my pictures are sharp. I think my prayers been heard half way only, because thank God all my pictures are well exposed, but not at the focusing side. *sigh*

So, how's the result ? Share here with some of the shots I took...

White balance issue? No more white balance issue ! See the following picture, shot in door with florescent light everywhere, but the colour is still natural !
Oh, yes, these handsome boys and pretty girls are my friends I met in DE. They are cool !

I think I'm too rely on the autofocus of my ex-DSLR already. Time to train my self to use fully manual focusing method instead.

I think I'm deeply poisoned by this film photography already. *dead*


Anonymous said...

Wah.. damn nice la wei... I become fair sumore.. Ok lah.. this friday, for TT, please bring for me laaa ok.. Ur coming right this friday for dinner at nandos?

bryanlyt said...

waa our photo damn nice! :P

Templar Tan said...

Unfortunately, I'm outstation lar. So, this friday TT I cannot go. :(

The powder of film !