Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My α Journey - Episode 6 : Beyond the New Frontier...

It was a tiring 2 and half days convention. Talks after talks had been conducted. Once during the convention I felt I was so overloaded with so much information, and yet my build in organic memory storage seems had reached its maximum capacity. I'm thankful to the organiser who had put their effort and time to make this convention to a success one ! Kudos to you guys !

The Speakers.

Well, of course, this is the time when Sony officially announced its latest flagship DSLR, the A900. It's indeed a poisonous piece of gadget to hold. I had to pop in lots of antibiotics and wore an updated Poison Shield before I have gut to step into the convention hall, that is located in the Le Meridian Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

The poisonous A900 !

Is that a great camera to own one ? I have no comment. I'd write my very own review on this A900 in my next post. No doubt it's a beauty to hold....

What is the best way to poison us to get a copy of this poison ?

Easy, by letting you holding it up and seduce you with cool motorbikes with hot babe !

We had fun ! The Convention came to its peak when the organiser announced the winner who will walk away with an A900 and the winner of Blog and Win Contest, which he/she will walk away with an A700 + SAL 18250 !!

So, how to win an A900 ? It was that easy, by asking questions as much as possible and we stand a chance to win this new A900. Too bad I was such a shy person that only manage to grab some small amount of stickers.

So, who won the A900 ?

This senior owner of Alpha proudly walk away with his A900 !

I participated into the Blog and Win contest. Writing 5 blog entries in English is more complicated than I thought, cause English is not my first language. Well, I am in fact much rely on the spell check plug-in from Firefox, and that was the first time I felt the Oxford Dictionary is such a good book to own one ! A solid 4 days 3 nights of time had been spend into thinking, writing, searching for photos, taking photos and fine tuning my blog entries.

So, does this hard work pay off ? Did I win anything ?

Photo by Jidin. Download from Azrin's Blog.
I did ask if anyone could provide me my hand-sake photo from Alphanatics, but seems like no body wanted to give me a copy. Well, what to do, I'm not famous maaaarrrr ...
Haha !

Yes, I did. 1st Consolation Prize. And what I get ? A handsake with George !
No way !
Of course not the hand sake only lar, but an accessory kit with bag and a batteries. Too bad I had already have this kit...

Then, who won the A700 ?

Azrin won the A700 !!!!!!!
Congrats to him !! He is rock ! His blog is awesome ! His story is such a drama !!! Look at his blog here.

Congratulation, Azrin ! You are the Best !

I was such a little bit close of reaching this A700 + SAL 18250, that's what George told me. Hmm... I might lost because of my bad English. Haha.

You might ask, "You got an A700 liao mar, why need one more ?"
Well, raising a family is not easy, especially my son is going to say hello to this world. Some extra cash would mean a lot to me. :D

Anyway, worth to mention the door gift I received during the Convention. It is a photographer vest which could house a complete camera set within it.

How does the vest look like ? Well, I've ask a supermodel to showcase how the vest look like :

Wow ! So Sexy !
Haha !

Only after that, I found out that the vest had been wrongly wore. So, we corrected it, and re-shoot :

Yeah, that's the way how the vest suppose to be wore. So, it's a great vest ? Yup, it is ! With this vest, no more bag ! See Albert's blog to see how good this vest is !

So, who is this supermodel who show case us the vest ?
Presenting, the great super model :

Yup, that's me !

Oh, I sense lot of vomiting sound out there. LOL

What to do ? I'm not known to most people, and I do not have any pretty girl friend who willing to become my model maaaarrr. So, I have to call this supermodel instead. He charged me a bomb just to take these three pictures only, you know !

So, that sum up my alpha journey, of course, my journey would not stop here. I'll continue to explore more adventures along the Path of Unknown to the New Frontier, that I could never imagine.

Would this come into my life in the future ?
Let's wait and see...

I shall continue my quest to look for The One, The Quest of the Searching The One Photo that Speaks A Thousand Words ....

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Joshua said...

yo bro.. i'm the guy sit next to azrin on 2nd lunch...

congrat... shake hand better than me empty hand.. lol...

anyway the shooting vest is cool to be wore 'x' infront.. hehe..

Templar Tan said...

Yo bro !
Oh, you are Joshua ! Nice to meet you !!

Haha... well, after Choen's talk, I tried to think out of box ! Haha

Thanks. :D

Azuan said...

u got talent as super moder la bro! very hot!~! haha

Templar Tan said...


Now I'm waiting for the next season of who wants to be the next top model ! haha

ckchanweb said...

oh man :D for a while i thought you won ! with that handshake photo.. what a suspense :-p

Templar Tan said...

Yup, I won ! But consolidation prize only. :p

Anonymous said...

yo! i wana buy ur battery can ah? hehehe =P

Templar Tan said...

Battery booked by other. LOL
See if he FFK or not, if not I'll inform you.
In fact, you are the 2nd one in "waiting list" ! LOL