Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Balik Kampung ~~~ But not me.

My wife is.

This is her 37th week of pregnancy. We could expect to meet our son soon, "very soon" as told by the doctor from her last Monday check up.

Yup, we are preparing to go back to my hometown in Perai, Penang. I always wanted my child to be a Penangite. Well, once a Penangites will always be a Penangite, no ? She will be doing all the one-month long pantang thing in my hometown with the help of my mother.

And that's mean, I'll be home alone for almost 2 months !

So, is it a good news ? Or a bad news ?

Good news is I can start to do lots of things without my wife's knowledge, such as..... *ahem* secret. LOL
And the bad news is I have to do my own laundry ! LOL

Not so easy, Lover Man, said my wife. I'll bring back the laptop and have a 24 hours civilian scout on you ! She grinned evilly ! LOL

Yup, this is the good o'laptop that she's gonna scout me 24 round the clock !

Anyway, we are expecting our son in just one or two weeks time. My feeling is such a mess up that I couldn't tell either I'm in happy stage or in worry stage. Things will be not that easy already, and I shall have to switch myself from a loving husband to a loving father.

"No more gears ! " said my wife.

Well, I guess I have to live with my current toys for a very very long time, eh ? :p


567 said...

Don't be so upset and worried, Mr Tan :)

Sure you can make it one, quickly get rid of messy feeling, and do well prepare to welcome ur new born baby, ok?:p

Wish happy all the time...

:: J o h n :: said...

What you mean "switch from loving husband to loving father"

Can switch one ar? Should be adding responsibility lol =)

Templar Tan said...

Yup, I shall prepare myself to welcome him ! :D

Welcome !
Hmm.... ok, when I'm "practically" loving my wife, how could I love my son ? Got it ? :D

So, when it's time to switch, I need to switch lar. haha