Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Mini Penang Walk Around with 50mm

Penang is my home town. I was born in Penang, raised in Butterworth, played in the playground in Prai and spend my teenage schooling in Bukit Mertajam until Form 6, then I left for Tronoh for my Uni.

Equipped with only one 50mm lens, I spend some hours in Penang after sending my wife for a pre-natal check up...

The ferry.
Ferry was and still is my favourite transportation mean between the island and mainland.
I used to made a miniature ferry for my own to "transport" my toy cars crossing the imagination sea on the floor of my house's living room....

I'm still dreaming of making a ferry replica one day....

In case of emergency, I wonder where is the valve?

Me too like to stand at the front of the ferry to feel the moving air hitting my face.

There are much buoys than used to be.
An indication the straight is not safer than old time ?

The twin giant arms are off today....

The canons on the Fort Cornwallis.
It did stop pirates from messing Penang, but it couldn't stop Japanese during WWII...

Stick no bill.
Who cares ?

Ah... the famous Cendol of Penang Road.
It's very refreshing after a hot day walk.

Who could resist the delicious mouth watering cendol ?

My trip of Penang would not complete without Char Kuey Teow....

and a bowl of Hokkien prawn mee !

and I shall be back to Penang....

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