Thursday, October 9, 2008

My α Journey - Episode 3 : In Search of light ...

Where there is light, there is hope.

Once I attend a photographic talk, a great Guru said: "Photography is all about light. See the light and you shall produce a good photo."

Understand the light, and you shall master photography.

This wisdom had influenced me in many ways. I criticized my own work of being dull and lifeless. I criticized my own work of being out of focus. And I criticized my own work of being not interesting enough. Not until I found the WL flash function from my camera.

Being understand that light that is coming from the direction other than the top would produce much impact photo !

In depth searching of knowledge of the flash technique had brought me to the term of "strobist", a photographic skill by putting a flash off camera. The website had taught me a lot in controlling the flash unit to create much better pictures.

Hence, there was a chance of my wife being out stationed, I bought my very 1st flash, the Minolta 5600HS(D) ! Hey, she does control my spending power! :p

Since then, I've played with this flash in WL mode, and produced some food shots from my wife's masterpiece. She loves so much, and I was rewarded with kisses of love and a full stomach of her delicious food ! :D

Banana Brown Sugar Cake

Chocolate Almond Cake

Mixed Bean Desert

My quest of light never stops. And I won my second flash, the HVL F36am from a competition organised by AMC.

Love our Nation

Yes, I'm proud to be a Malaysian.

I have more fun in two flashes strobisting photography. More knowledge to be gathered to control multi-directional lights, and I had great fun in setting up the flash lights!

Understanding in light direction was not enough. Sooner, I started to get involve into light modifier, and I've started to do some DIY light modifier:The DIY ring flash/beauty dish, the soft box, the grid etc etc.

With these light modifiers, I'd capture the most prettiest model of all, my love one....

My Wife, My Love, Angel

My Wife, Angel

My lovely wife...Angel.
Shot with my DIY beauty dish.

And I've shot flowers in different way ....


Rose in Dark

And seen the wonder of the nature !


The pin that floats on water !

The Unknown World

Random colour from bubble (From my Planet Bubble) !

The quest of strobist lighting would never end. And some times, when I am bottlenecked, I come back the the most basic way : Refer to the manual. LOL

All right, which setting should I follow...

"Holy crap ! This strobist thing is making me more headache.
Ok, back to manual again...."

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