Monday, September 15, 2008

I also use Apple what.....

But, to be exact, I'm using Apple's application ! LOL

When I upgraded my iTunes, this latest Safari browser also been downloaded together. Is it a better browser than Firefox ? Not so sure. I remember I once used its beta version, and I do find this Safari is not as fast as it claims. And it could not support any Chinese words ! Probably it was the beta version kot. But not for now. This latest version of Safari can browse my Chinese blog with no problem at all.

Anyway, owning an Apple computer is my dream. So, my next target would be an iMac !

But of course, I have to wait for my current computer to kaput first, then I could seek Her Royal Highness, Queen of House's royal approval for the new computer.

Until then, I could only use the Apple applications, which are iTunes, and this Safari. Nothing more then that. What can I do is just wait.....

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