Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mid Autumn Festival !

Yes, today is the Mid Autumn Festival, or so call Full Moon Festival. It falls on the 15th day of the eighth month of Chinese Lunar calender.

Legend says, five thousand years ago, the beautiful Princess Chang Er ate her husband's immortality pills and flew to the Moon. Since then, she stayed on the Moon forever.

The culture of eating the Moon cake only started 700 years ago where Zhu YuanZhang started a rebellion against the Mongol Yuan Dynasty. He slotted the note of rebellion into the Moon cake and distributed to the people, stating the date of the rebellion. He succeeded and overthrown the Mongol Ruler and form the Ming Dynasty, and he proclaimed himself Emperor. He is the father of Emperor Yongle of Ming who send Admiral Zhenghe and visited Malacca in the years of 1400.

It's pity that I can't celebrate this festival with my parents in Penang. Something had stopped me from going back this year. But I could celebrate this festival with my lovely wife, as well as my coming son who is still comfortly staying in his mother's womb.

Anyway, Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all my friends. May the good festival brings good fortune to you all.

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