Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Flower Shots

I don't have a macro lens. So, what I can do is 100% crop from my photo. LOL

Do not under estimate the power of 100% cropping. Sometime the result is quite good also. The key is make sure the subject is properly lit, and shoot with small aperture (with high F number).

The above photo is a 100% crop photo. The exif read : 1/200s, f/8, ISO 200 at 80mm zoom.

How I lit my flower ? A F42 with my DIY soft box on camera left with flash level at 1/32 and zoom at 50mm. Another F42 with DIY grid on camera right with flash level at 1/32 and zoom at 50mm. I placed these flashes close to my flower. The soft light from my soft box is the main light, and the grided flash act as rim light.

Another shots with crop. Straight from camera with a slight USM in photo editing. Same lighting, a soft box on camear left with another flash with grid on camera right.

Hence, I do not need a macro lens. LOL

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