Sunday, September 7, 2008

Azuan Pre-wed Shoot Part II

This round, we went to the Heritage Hotel, KTM, Kuala Lumpur.

The hotel is basically a pre-merdeka English colonial type of hotel that attached to the KTM building in Kuala Lumpur. It is not as big as E&O Penang, but good enough to give you a feel of the colonial living style.

I always like the roof top of the old KTM building. Hence, this round, we specially request to go up to the roof top for some shoot. The hotel management say OK, and we head straight up, by the hotel's super old escalator !

The pre-weds are Azrin's brother, Azuan. So, this self proclaim model like to post for a flash testing.


It was about 10.30am in the morning, and the sun light was burning our skin! Shooting without a reflector had caused the face to be deep dark in shadow. So, I pop a flash on it. Overpowering the overwhelming sun with a single flash is not a good idea, hence I set up 2 flashes, the F56 from Azrin's and my F42, both in full power. As you can see from Azrin's pics on top, he is kinda overexposed ! Yes, super overexposed. Hence, we dropped the power to 1/2 both. Just wonder, if I use only one F56 with full power, would I get the same result ? I donnu, because I didn't try it. LOL

Behind the Scene

Again, with true semangat of photography, our friend Azrin would do what ever to ensure he gets THE right composition. This is what I call "The Good Semangat"!!

Well, we had great time there in the hotel, and no, I can't show you the result. Client's request. I could only allowed to post public after my client's big day, which fall on January 2009. Kesian to my fellow muslim friend who has to work during the puasa month. However, we had great time, and I can't wait to see the end result. Azrin is doing it, and I'm just a Juru Tukang Tangkap Gambar sahaja. LOL

Read here for Part 1.


oren | gelap said...

Templar normally when u do outdoor shooting during mid day, where did u place ur flashgun...I mean do we point it against the sun to cover up shadow.

Looking at #2 pic, doesn't that make them more expose to the light.

This pic can't wait to see...the outcome.

Azuan said...

saya sangat glamour...hehe

Templar Tan said...

oren gelap
Depends what you want. If you notice carefully in pic #2, in order not to cause the couple's eyes small due to the sun shine, we asked them to face away from the sun light. Once they face away from sun light, their face will be dark.

I'd like to vivid the sun to fall on their face. So, I pop the flash from the direction of about the sun light, which in this case is from camera right as shown in pic #2. Same as fill flash in this lar.

I tried not to cover the shadow so much, I wish to maintain some shadow to create more depth in the picture. Hence, I didn't place my flash on the left side.

Hope I answer your question. :D

Yes, you are glamour ! :D Hope the pics come out nice.

Anonymous said...

you guys are pressuring me.. how to edit haaa... can anyone teach me .. aiyaaaaa

oren | gelap said...

oic...u pop up the flash...ok. ermm..guess that answer my question, maybe need to try oso see for myself anyway thanks..

to the model: Of course la famous..shot by two sifoo's. Congrats

Arin138: Hahah..time to squeeze out idea..

Templar Tan said...

your pp skill sudah jadi master lar. no need ppl teach lar. haha

oren gelap
Yes, please try. Very useful our WL system. :D