Friday, September 26, 2008

DIY Project : My Speed Straps

Not really a speed straps as shown in, but it's rather a ready made speed straps that can be found in a DIY shop housed in Mid Valley.

I found these wonderful thing when I was shopping for some stuff in this DIY shop:

These are velcro tapes with loops and hooks in a strip which make it the perfect speed straps for my flash. Quite cheap actually, if I'm not mistaken, 3 rolls of such "complete" velcro tapes (3 in package) cost about RM 7.00.

How can I do with these velcro tapes? Just wrap around my flash head, and I have my own version of speed straps like these:

The length of the strap is long enough to go two rounds of my flash head, even in F42, F36 and even the latest F58 !

Sony Flash HVL F36

Sony Flash HVL F58

So, I have the speed strap, then what should I stick with it ? My DIY flash gels !

Gels are used to correct the colour of the flash so to create a proper white balance. In day light flash photography, a CTO gel would shift the colour scene to create a cool blue ambient.

I have my el-cheapo tanglong paper made as my CTO gel. I do find putting 2 layers of yellow tanglong paper would resemble a full CTO. Hence, stick two layer of yellow colour tanglong paper and cut to size suit the flash head.

Finally, stick two small pieces of the hook face on the side of this CTO gel as shown below:

And I have my speed straps with a CTO gel on my F42 flash :

Easy, right ? No more sticky velcro on the flash head ! Now I can stick my blue gel onto my flash head without any problem. No more el-cheapo paper stick tape already. :D

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