Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A life time project.

This is the "by-product" of the minute second of organism. He took 9 months to travel along the production line. What a miracle to see a life that can be created in such a way. Nature is really something that I can not imagine how it works. All those biological thing is always makes me come out in goose flesh. I tried to explain all this scientifically, but I couldn't resist myself to avoid the great work from the God. He who create this world must be a great architect of life, a great scientist, and of course a great engineer.

And now, here he is, the finest product from both me and my wife, a none-stop hand and leg moving little fella, doing nothing but sleep eat and demand for attention all time long.

It is so amazing that he has his own thinking and his own behaviour. This is again something that is kinda difficult to be understandable for someone like me who study too many equations and work with logical thinking. How unlogic that he uses one cell from me, and merge with another cell from his mother, but he is a totally different individual from both of us.

Looking at him exploring his surrounding with his total curious eye is so enjoyable. Getting his respond to my calling is the best thing of the whole hard day work. And looking at him sleeping soundly in his bed making me want to protect him and to teach him to become a useful man.

And this will be my life time project. Will he become someone useful or not is now a burden to myself. Educating him will be our main priority now, and nothing will be more important than this.

So, how? I pose better than he did in his Paris post, right? LOL

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