Sunday, February 8, 2009

I was bored.....

And I don't have super hot babe friend as he does to do shooting, so, I dig into my store room and found some filters. No hot babe, so I shoot filters lor! LOL

I am not a fan of filters. I don't understand what a filter can do since the lenses are coated already? The only one thing that filters are useful is to protect the lenses from knocking by others. So, when one day on a shooting day, so no luck someone knock onto the lens, and the first thing to break is the filter, but not the lens.

And then, raised one question: how low quality the filter has to be so when the knocking incident happen and I will not be heart breaking? Once I got one super cheap Taiwan made UV filter which came free when I bought my first ever DSLR, the legendary Sony A100. The filter is so thick that it creates a noticeable vignetting effect to all my photos, and thin filters are not cheap though. Breaking a RM 100++ filters are as heart broken as breaking a RM 1,000++ lens.

Another question raised: I was told by others in order not to get fungus to for the lens, the lens need to be exposed to UV light from the Sun so to kill all the fungus. So, with a UV filter on, will the UV light from the sun kill the fungus?

So, how?

My suggestion is: don't bring the expensive DSLR to the place where pack crowd is expected. By this, I have no worry my lens kena knock, no worry someone will curi my camera and no need to carry that huge and heavy camera just for some candid shots. Right ?

So, this round, I declare lost in the battle, because I don't have hot babes to shoot. LOL

1st By the way, these filters are for sale. Reason of selling: no lens for these filters mar. LOL

2nd By the way, what does a skylight filter do ?


khairil mazwan said...

skylight filter use for.. i also don't know.. ekeke.. hey how are u bro?... dah beli FF DSLR ke?

Anonymous said...

Firstly, i like your pictures of the filters here.. but as you said again, if it were to be a hot babe holding a Tesco plastic bag, now my friend (..or foe..).. that would be more interesting.. hahahaa....

I'm still waitig for the parody laaa... sure laugh until fall down from the chair..

again, filters, I agree with you. to me, it's just to protect your lens. it doesnt serve any proper effect to your pictures. my friend has saved 2 of his good lenses because he had filters on. so, for me, all my lens got filter. just for protection. nothing more. and as for expensive or cheap filters, hey, if already pro, anything also can rite..???

so, enemy, when do we do our battle at the mamak? u damn lansi ahh? so "cliche" ah? hahahahahahahahahahaaa.....

Templar Tan said...

How come you don't know? It's from you what? LOL
I'm fine. FF? Dah beli, Yashica FX FF film camera ! LOL

Thanks for liking them. Don't force me to take a picture of "hot babe holding tesco plastic bag", you know I can do that! LOL

Muahahaha... so, my friend, you want a battle in mamak ? This is a call for WAR !! This is WAR !!! Ok, let's WAR in mamak !!