Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lesson learned.

I did the Yashica shots some days ago, and I posted these photos on some forums for critics and comments. I wrote about this in my blog here, but never really discussed on the technical thingy and so forth.

So, the comments I got: "Nice lighting, but picture not sharp. Due to big aperture." Which I totally agree. Bad on me, that I totally forget about this so basic principal of photography. No wonder I lost in DE. :p

Very basic principal: bigger aperture, shallower DOF and vice-versa smaller aperture, deeper DOF.

So, after being commented, I did a reshoot and can see the comparison below:

1st try on the left, 2nd try on the right.

The first try was shot with aperture f/8, and focused on Yashica word. Though the Yashica word is sharp, but the words on the lens is just blurred out. At 2nd try, the aperture is f/16, and focused at the Yashica word as well. In this photo, everything is sharp. Even the words on lens is sharp too.

My 2nd pic:

1st try

2nd try

Again, 2nd try is sharper than the 1st try.

For lighting, is quite straight forward. As shown in my previous post, one F42 set at level 1/2 into DIY soft box on camera left, one F42 at level 1/4 into DIY soft box on camera right, one F58 blue gelled zoomed at 105mm at level 1/4 shot onto the background and one F36 snooted at camera left controlled by dialing -2EV in camera. All flashes fired via Sony WL system.

What I used for the blue and red gels ? Tang long paper ! LOL. Cheap and got variety type of colours ! I have red, blue, yellow and green. Stack two layers and I got a nice colour gel I want. :D

So, lesson learned: never forget any basic law of photography. :D

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