Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Valentine's Day

The highly commercially polluted Valentine's Day is around the corner. It's a day of love, and because of the commercial pollution, everything is so expensive on that day!

I had never celebrate Valentine's Day before. Not even I was young and was at the age of "dare to do anything" teenager. Sure lah, because I am not a handsome boy in school, not popular in school, and I am a shy boy that too shy to talk to girls. So, even I met one girl that really took my heart away, I was so scared and never had a gut to approach her even to say hi. Then I graduated from highschool alone. Sad story.

Then come to the time where I get into an University. People always say, I will spend my best time during my uni life. So, I was so excited when I got to know I had been accepted into USM. Not bad right, USM ? The most beautiful Uni in South East Asia, and so near to my house. I should be happy, right ? But no. The Engineering Campus is not located in Penang, but it's in an ex-tin mining town of Tronoh, a small town that is so small that it has only 2 streets and 6 rows of pre-war shops. The campus was solely for engineering courses, and you know lar, how many girls study engineering course ? Very few, right ? So, wanna find girlfriend there ? I better be a very very popular guy in the campus for me to be get notice, or I would just spend my whole uni life alone again.

The "competition" in the campus was tough ! Too many demands, but too few supplies. And I did not made myself popular enough, so, alone again for the whole uni life. So, no Valentine's day celebrations.

Until I left Uni, and came out to work, then I met my girl friend who is my pen-pal for many many years, and we started dating, doing heart-to-heart talk, got electicized and get married, and now as a result of "getting together", we have this young fella who has become our biggest "spot light", reminding us not to nauthy at night ! LOL

Well, it's a Valentine's Day. Love is in the air, and we should glorify love. Love brings us all toghether, and love bring us harmony and love keep us happy all the time.

Rose in Dark

So, Happy Valentine's Day lar.

How I am gonna celebrate it? First thing to do of course I need to find a baby sitter. LOL


macdude said...

Photo very chantek! *hehe* Welcome back! ;-)

ckchanweb said...

' biggest "spot light", reminding us not to nauthy at night ! LOL '
hahaha you damn funny la templar ;D

btw, i like the ligthing !

Templar Tan said...

Thanks. :D

Old stock photo from my hard disk. :p

LOL ! :p

kiankheong said...

No wonder this rose looks so familiar. :P