Monday, November 23, 2009

The Octopus Saved My Flash !

.... from falling from my lightstand. :p

The story behind was like this: I was doing one photoshoot of my wife's latest masterpiece of cake. She would wish to share her recipe of her cake in her blog. I had planned my lighting would be a F58 with my DIY ring flash adaptor bending down 90 degrees facing down to the cake so I have a vertical flash direction. I wanted my flash to be radio trigger'd and hence mount my flash onto the modded YungNuo receiver with the SC-6 adaptor, screwed the set-up onto my lightstand, and turn the whole thing 90 degrees downward.

This was the part where my heart was merely fell out from my chest when my flash + ring flash slipped down and fell onto the table below ! I was lucky that my DIY ring flash adaptor acted as a cushion to absorb the falling impact, hence my F58 didn't hit anything hard below.

I was careless to check the connection direction between the SC-6 adaptor and the YongNuo receiver. The SC-6 adaptor doesn't have the screw to lock tight to the receiver; the spring connector between the SC-6 adaptor and the receiver could not hold the weight of my flash that for sure !

Turning to the wrong direction, the flash basically slip out from the receiver !

Upon close examine on the China-made receiver could easily find out that the receiver is not built to take the weight of the flash. Although the receiver has a metal screw mount on its bottom, but the flash hot shoe mount is basically a part of its plastic cover. I believe a small force apply to the receiver could break it into pieces.

Not until the octopus hit the shore of Malaysia !

It's the Octopus FA-CC1AM+CS1AM off camera shoe cord for Sony Alpha. It's a TTL flash cord that has the iISO hot shoe on both ends. This is what I need to cable-sync my YongNuo receiver to the flash.

What I do here is to mount the CC1AM end of the cable cable to the SC-6 adaptor and the receiver, and I mount my flash onto the CS1AM end of the cable.

The cable has a screw mount on the bottom of the CS1AM end, and it could be screwed tightly onto the flash stand. The whole set-up is shown in the first photo of this post.

Since the size of its CS1AM end is small and strong, it is indeed LOT better than the plasticy YungNuo receiver mount in the case of holding the flash on the lightstand.

I could just leave the cable hanging like what is shown in the first pic, or I could velcro the receiver onto the flash head. Since the weight of the receiver + SC-6 adaptor is negligible compared to the flash, hence it doesn't slip out so easily. Thus, I am no worry anymore when I wish to turn my flash into any angle I want.

Of course the set-up doesn't look nice and neat, but it works for me.

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You can also attach a frisbee right under flash, it helps a lot if your tripod is not ultrastable and tends to fall down... (wind when using off studio; some unintentionall kick etc.)