Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sony's Flash Workshop

A very typical scene for a flash workshop if there is a model shoot session.

Finally, I got my place for this infamous flash workshop organised by Sony Malaysia. Almost every Alpha user talked about it, and when ever there is a flash workshop out there, the places will be filled up pretty quickly. I had been eyeing to get a place for myself, so to witness with my own eyes how the flash workshop is conducted, and hopefully after the workshop, some of my questions about flash photography could be answered.

The workshop I attended was held in Dorset Regency Hotel in KL on 5th December 2009. About 50 participant filled up the chairs in one of the hotel's ballroom. Refreshment was served and the workshop started with a little 5 minutes delay.

Well, basic flash history and theory were presented, and some sample usage of flash was shown as well. Just not all that been shown is correct, by the way. Not One but two slides that shown on the screen aren't correct.

One particular slide is shown here where the tutor presented the zoom effect of the flash. What was shown on screen is two flashes with different zoom setting so one could see the flash beam. First of course the photo shown on screen is downloaded from that for sure, and the photo was meant to show the different between tele zoom of the flash vs snoot flash effect. But what the tutor mentioned in the workshop uses this photo to show the different flash beam between wide zoom and telezoom of our flash.

Well, this is not correct though. There is no way our flash even zoom at 105mm could provide such a narrow flash beam.

Not to mention our the flashes on the photo aren't Sony flashes. Weird though, a Sony flash workshop shows flashes from other brand.

Anyway, this is not a big deal. As long as the message is conveyed and everyone is understand that enough lar.

The flash workshop will not that popular if there isn't a model shoot session. Everyone in the workshop waits for the model shoot practical session. After a very basic and not so educational theory about flash, we went to the model shoot session!

This shot was done with flash zoom at 105mm.
See the different between a snoot flash vs 105 tele zoom?

I took this by accident.
Flash was at 105mm zoom, with the my F58 flash head tilted about 45 degree to the right.
I kinda like the effect of this flash angle.

Same setting like above, different is to balance the outdoor ambient with flash.
Btw, all was done under TTL.

This photo was done by underexposed the ambient to 1 stop and zoom my flash to 105mm for spot light effect.

Same setting as above, just composed a bit.

Two models was employed for the workshop.
Although we were separated into two groups, but basically we moved around freely.

She is a lovely and beautiful young lady. :D

How could a Sony flash workshop be completed without WL flash demonstation?
Stealing light is very easy on the workshop, this is due to the same channel we all using.
In this pic, I stealed the WL flash from camera left with my F58 as commander, ratio on at 1:1:1.

I didn't follow the workshop until the end as I had a dinner function to attend. I was told by my friend that the workshop was ended at around 5.30pm.

So, here are my conclusion on the flash workshop:
1) If you wish to understand the very basic of flash, this is the workshop you will attend.
2) If you wish to understand the usage of flash, don't waste your time there. Internet has more better tutorials for you.
3) Don't expect to learn about on-camera flash photography from this workshop. Because they don't teach you how to bounce.
4) Wireless teaching is minimal, and they straight jump to WL without much further introduction how to play with WL.
5) Of course, if you wish to do portrait model shoot, this is the workshop you must attend.
6) This is the basic flash workshop. No intermediate of advanced flash workshops to be conducted.
7) It's a waste of time.

And if you are not "fierce" enough, you might not get a good position for the model shoot session. I had difficulty to squeeze myself to the front to make a decent shot of the pretty model, and most of my photos here are crop ones. How sad.

Anyway, I had fun playing with my cobra F58. :D


dogears said...

"Fierce", I like the term [LOL]. It's the same reason I dislike model shoots, everyone is so 'hungry' to take that shot and it's not even 'artistic' anymore :P
Very nice experience and writeup :)

Anonymous said...

I agree. Look at the photos of all the people just going nuts to flash the models! - it's just madness. It's not even photography! You'd probably learn more by using the money you paid for the workshop and hiring a model for 2 hours instead so you can shoot her all by yourself.

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