Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Went to the Flora Festival in Putrajaya on the last day. LOL

Well, it's a typical Malaysian government run event: very good at the beginning, and after been officially open ceremony by someone in the high post in the government, the event basically became auto-cruise with no maintenance.

Anyway, I did not manage to get a great shot of flowers, because I don't know how to take one. LOL. Though I still capture some lar, which I like.

Then I got bored. Hence, I concentrated on individual flower shot instead. I didn't bring my flash with me, hence I use the pop-up flash from my camera to illuminate the flower. It was about 6pm in the evening and the ambient dropped very fast.

The principal of using the pop-up flash is still the same : meter the ambient, drop 1 stop, and let the camera do the calculation for the pop-up flash. Hey, my pop-up can do ADI also one !

Anyway, to my surprise, I like the pictures produce by the pop-up flash ! It's not bad also mar, right ? :p

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