Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boh-keh Part II

I did my first boh-keh test from different lens and it is shown here. My Sony DSC H1 was no where near my sight back then and I didn't make the boh-keh test from this camera.

I basically search every corner of my apartment, still I couldn't find it. Until I have a desire to get a compact camera and start looking for one, my H1 all sudden appear in my laptop bag. How dramatic.

Anyway, I found my H1. Hence, I wish to test how the boh-keh produce by this pre-CZ super zoom lens from Sony.

Same set-up as my previous boh-keh test: set my Yellow Lego man on the edge of my window, set up my tripod, mount my camera on it, focus and shoot.

Initially I thought the round bokeh can only be achieved from its macro mode. Hence, first test: aiming my camera as near to the Legoman as possible, with its widest aperture, which is f2.8. And I got this:

Well, no bad, huh ? Got orbs.

Then I tried another method of bringing the far object comes near by zooming to the max of the lens. Since my H1 is a 12x zoom, I just try and see lar.

I wasn't that sure what I'll get, since the sensor of this H1 is so minute.... I was stunt to see the result when I zoom to 12x and at macro mode of this camera :

Wow ! That's a huge orbs ! Almost the similar size of my blue label lens ! And also there are cat-eyes bokeh too ! LOL

So, no need a big hole lens to get orbs bokeh: what you need is a long zoom lens and you will get this kind of circular bokeh thingy. Even from a super zoom compact camera will do. ;)

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