Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not so pleasant deal...

I admit I'm missing my trusty little 50mm F1.4 lens. The image quality produced by this lens is superb and unquestionable and it's light weight; I can move around with this lens all day long and it was my walk-around lens even I had my ex-trusty SAL 1680 in my bag.

It's my hope that one day I would own back this germ produce by Minolta.

Hence, the searching is on going and finally I found one put on-sale in a forum I always hang in. The WTS post is super simple: one Minolta F1.4 for sale, RM XXX, deal at Puchong. And the picture posted is stock pic from google picture search. No lens cap ? No filter free ?

Well, since I'm interested, I requested the seller to show me the actual photo of the lens, so I could have a look first. Hey, guys are like that, would fall in love by first sight, right ? LOL

And to my surprise, his reply is super chuen: the lens is in new condition, period, working condition, can test the lens as long as you want provided the time fits his schedule. And he ends his reply with a picture of his wife makaning in a restaurant he claim to be in Japan and he claim this picture was taken with this lens. WOW, what a "great" reply from a seller.

I doubt a lens that is about 10 years old would "in new condition"; at least my ex-Minolta that was owned by a careful owner also didn't look new to me. Nothing would still keep "in new condition" after 10 years of usage. More over I do not know how many hands had touched that lens. A picture of his actual lens would tell if his lens is really "in new condition", and also the picture can be as a proof that he actually has the lens with him.

A simple request of showing me the lens picture is not a difficult request in my opinion. One thing I couldn't understand is if he claim himself as a photographer, he should be able to take a decent good looking or even a pro-looking picture of his lens to put on sale. Be it the picture is taken by a camera phone. What the heck I want to see the IQ from this lens? I had taken numerous nice shots from this lens and I had seen many more better pics than his one on the net if I want to look at the IQ produce by this lens.

I also did my own on-line selling, and I'll make sure my gears photos are well taken and be honest to the buyer that what he see is what he get. If he found there are extra good, then that's his bonus. I am not making any money from the selling part; just to "discard" my un-used staff so to turn the gear into money to feed my family.

Well, as conclusion, I think my money is not worth for him to keep, or my money got sting and stink and he doesn't want kua.

Anyway, it's not my duty to teach him how to do his selling, enough advices given and I don't wish him luck in his selling.

Look like I need to save up more to get myself a new SAL 50F1.4 instead. :p

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