Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's all start from a phone call...

On one very fine day, when I was super busy with my work, my handphone rang. The screen identified the caller as George.

Hmm.... He who-I-kinda-"hate" and he-who-the-least-expected-to-call-me called me. Hmm.... what wind blew him to call me? Let me picked up his call and see what he wanted to say.

George: Yo bro ! I'm sending you to Bali. You will leave for Bali in 1 week time. Give me your full name and passport number.
Me : What ? What the heck ! What is this all about ?!?!
George : Never read the forum ar you? The Assignment with Abbas from Magnum one !
Me : Huh ? But the website says for A900 owner only wor. Me not A900 owner what....
George : Never mind lar, just go. It's FOC, full sponsored by Sony ! FREE !!
Me : Free ? Hmm.... that sounds good ! But let me talk to my wife first.
George : Ok, give me your answer as soon as possible !

Bali ? Assignment with Abbas from Magnum ? Wow ! That's really something for me ! Never in my dream would have a chance to work with a Magnum Photos' photographer !

Talked to my wife through MSN, and she granted her agreement for me to go. Though I'm quite heavy hearted of leaving her alone with my son.

"Don't worry. My friend lives nearby, I can call her in case I need anything." My lovely wife told me. Visa approved !

Then, half day before departure to Bali, George the-man-who-I-quite-"hate" send me the workshop schedule. The schedule says: the participants are required to share their portfolio. OMG ! How the heck I have time to prepare my portfolio ?!?! Then I read next line: the participants are expected to bring their own laptop for editing. OMG again ! Laptop ?!?! Editing ?? Quickly I go and check my already been covered by half inch dust laptop and see if it's still function or not.

Thanks God my old Compaq laptop was booting. LOL. Portfolio ? I have no time for that. Editing ? That would be post-processing of photos? What I have in my old Compag is Picasa ! Don't care lar, I was in hurry, I re-pack my luggage to include my 3kg laptop, kiss good bye to my lovely wife and cute son Ee Young and headed to LCCT...

Yup, that's the plane that fly me to Bali.

My flight from KL was 7.00 pm and reached Bali at 10.00pm. No delay, how good !

And once I was in Bali it's a pitch dark night ahead me. I was hoping to stay at one hotel that has a nice long beach with hot babes sun-bathing *ahem*, that would be nice.

But I was wrong. I waited for the next morning, and what I see is this:

Paddy field !!!! *fainted*

I was in Bali, and I was staying in a resort that has a paddy field within resort area and surrounded by paddy field !!!!!
Why ??? Why ??? WHY ?????????? MySpace

Anyway, not bad lar this resort. It's the Kamandalu Resort and Spa in Ubud, north from Denpasar, the capital of Bali. Very Balinese, very serene, very nice and very comfortable to stay in.

I was expecting to share a room with one foriegner, but to my surprise I was staying alone in a villa. If I knew I have my own room, I might as well called my wife to come with me, no ? :p

Such a big bed, and I was sleeping there, alone !
A hut at the balcony area.

Did I mentioned here there is an outdoor shower bathroom ??

And the TV program was such a bored.
Blomberg, BizTV, satellite TV that speaks German and French....

Anyway, I was there for the workshop, not to relax myself. I wouldn't mind staying at a cheaper hostel because most our time during the workshop will be away from the resort. So, why should we stay at this so luxurious one ? Hmm....

Hmm... the resort was quite empty, could be due to the bad world economy. Of course lar, because you need about USD 400 to spend a night here in a normal room, and about USD 600 a night for a villa that I stayed at. MySpace

"Take a rest first, because hard work awaits you for the next 2 days !" Warned Abbas when we reached the resort on the first night. *Gulp*

Well, a good rest ensure a longer journey. So, enjoy the stay and sleep first. Then worry about the tiredness later. LOL


Syafik said...

George! I want to go to! Send me! send me! Haha.

Uncle Tan. I love those paddy field pic. Reminding me to "balik kampung". Huwaa~ nak balik!

Anonymous said...

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