Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Update - Not a pleasant deal.

This is the update post from my last "Not so pleasant deal" post.

Thought everything had settled down, and my days go as normal as usual, not until I received a private message from the seller of the lens. Click the pic above for a larger view.

He wrote:
"Even you pay double, I would not sell this lens to you."
I was laughing up and down, left and right, front and back and merely drop from my chair !

He may have low EQ in doing a deal with me, but I don't expect he is that stupid enough to expect me hunger for his lens !

And he claims he speak proper English, and he thinks my money stinks. Well, he may speak good English, but his knowledge in using words are not as good as me. I am so good enough not to let him take my money because my money sting. You know, got torn one, can sting people one.

Like what a Chinese say: he who eat chilli got the spicy taste. Because once before he said his money stink to other. So, as conclusion, he think all money is stink one ! LOL

Enough of laughing. This could be the biggest joke in year 2009.

Again, no luck wish for me to this seller. One day for sure he will pay for what he had "spend".

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