Monday, August 25, 2008

Simply a Rose

A rose we got when we were shopping in Mid Valley last Sunday. It was raining cats and dogs when we got back home from the shopping mall. I planned to have an outdoor photoshoot with my wife, but looked like the nature didn't want me to do that. So, I stuck in my small "studio" of mine, capturing this rose.

To be frank, this is my ever first flower portrait to be done.

Well, due to there is no sun light coming from the window (it was raining like there is a hole in the sky), I would try something strobist like. Of course mar, I have 3 flashes mar. LOL

So, first thing first, kill the ambient light.

Stupid Sony A700 build-in WL pop-up commander really could spoil my picture if I have not turn my shutter speed to 1/250s. This is consistent with the highest syn speed for the build-in flash. So, no much choice, I have to choice 1/250s.

Then my working aperture. Tried out f/5.0 and f/4.5. F/5.0 works fine for me for the flash at level 1/8 and 1/16 for close range flashing. I dial my ISO to 100 for best quality. I have my in-camera setting, the next thing is position my lighting.

First, my "main" lighting from left:

My main light from left, snooted. High shutter speed at 1/250s do kill all the ambient light, hence it gives an extremely black back ground I want. No need black cloth or black card what so ever, all done by just dialing up the shutter speed.

So, I have my main light from left, looks ok. Snooted, positioned it such a way that the flash gives enough light to create some nice shadow to draw out the lines of the flower. Next, my second "side" light from camera right:

Generally, this flash add some light touching to the flower side so to separate it from the black back ground. I don't need high power flash, so I dial the flash at 1/16th level. Combine the two flashes, I have this shot:

Actually, I could stop here. But I think the flower is not separated enough from the black surrounding. A ring of flash from behind of the flower could add some magic to it. Hence, I set up my 3rd flash, cover the flash head with a small black card board with a circular hole on it to limit the spill of flash. Without the flashes from left and right, I have this:

You can see it actually do bring out the flower from the black surrounding.

Adding these three flashes in action, I got the first picture as shown above.

Well, this is how I come out with this picture. Something to share out lar. :D


oren | gelap said...

Nice potrait templar..very nice.

Templar Tan said...

oren gelap
Thank you. :D