Sunday, August 24, 2008

How did tiramisu invented ?

Once upon a time, one fella, he had too much time to kill.
One day, he took his tuala and he played with it.
He whispered to himself :"How good if this tuala can turn into a cake."
He started to crank his brain and tried to figured out something from his tuala.

He tried and tried and tried and tried.
One day, he accidentally drop a tissue on his tuala. He was excited to see the end result !
This was what he got :

So, he called his "invention" as Tualatissue !
He called his wife, and his wife were fascinated by his invention.
"I'll bake a cake with your invention as the prototype." She said.

But, his wife didn't like the name Tualatissue! It sounds so cheapskate !
"We must give it a good name. It looks so Japanese, so, we need a Japanese-is type of name." She said.

She crank her head and think and think and think.
Tuala, tuala, tuala, tuala.... .... .... tira. Hmm... tira sounds good !

Tissue sounds ok, but the spelling is not good. Restructuring is needed. Hence, she restructured the tissue and she got misu.

Hence, tualatissue had became tiramisu !
And she baked the cake, and she called it Tiramisu !

So, here is the evolution story of the changing from a tualatissue

and become a tiramisu !

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oren | gelap said...

Templar...true story arr this one.

Templar Tan said...

Welcome oren gelap !

Haha.. well, if you think it's true, then it's true and vice versa. :D