Thursday, August 28, 2008

A photoshoot with Kit

Kit is a friend of my wife. I got a call from her as she needed to update her profile. I did a profile shot of her before, and this time I have no reason to say no to her.

She brought her friend, Ms Yip along. I was worried that I couldn't handle the "situation", hence I called my Uni friend, Jacky to join me. Actually, I was poisoned by Jacky to get into DSLR world. However, he is a Canon guy, and I end up with Sony. Haha...

We had our photoshoot at Taman Tasik Permaisuri, very near to my place, and we had fun there.

How forgetful I am; I brought all my flashes, but I brought only 1 set of batteries. So, I ended up using one flash instead of 3 flashes.

The ambient light was kinda strong at the time around 3.30pm. I don't think my little flash would over-power the sun light, hence I positioned Kit under the tree shade. There were sun light coming down between the leafs, but the light is not strong enough to lit her face. Hence, I put my flash on camera left high, aiming at her face.

This is how the available sun light look like. Kinda harsh and produce very bright highlight on her face and strong shadow on her back.

Then I moved her to another place where more shade to cool down; it was hot out there with bright sun light. This was the time where I found out I forgot to bring my other batteries with me. So, I had to work with only one flash. The above pic could be better if there was another flash light coming from her left to separate her head from blending into the dark background.

Without my knowledge, there is a hanging bridge inside the park ! That would become a nice place for portraiture. But too bad that day there was too many people playing at the playground next to the bridge. The pic above was shot using my trusty Minolta 50mm F1.4 lens. Big aperture was used to blur out the back ground.

I shot this using my 50mm lens. To get her 3/4 body shot, I have to stand quite a distance away ! haha.

If you do notice, her poses are quite stiff. Well, being new to model world, she has still a long way to go. A good advise to her: do more exercise to "soften" her body. So do I, I have to read more fashion magazine and study how a model pose. That would definitely help me in guiding the model how to pose.

Anyway, it was a nice photoshoot session with Kit and friend, as well as with my fellow Uni-mate, Jacky. That was the time too that I poisoned him all about strobisting. I think he might got his e-bay trigger pretty soon. Heh !

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