Wednesday, May 5, 2010

From Macro to Infinity ~!

These two lenses occupied my almost empty drybox few weeks ago, and I am now no longer limit myself on shooting normal zoom range. Now I can go macro with Sigma 50mm F2.8 Macro, and go extreme tele with Sigma 400mm F5.6. Thanks to my 2nd elder brother who is now in UK who brought back these two lenses for me. He used to speak Minoltan, but now he speak Canonian. These lenses technically can't understand what his Canon camera body tell, hence he better send it over to M'sia and let his youngest brother's Sony body talk to them.

Sony camera speaks Minoltan, anyway.

Shooting into sky with long lens is not new to me. I've done it before, and I've shot moon pictures numerous times. But macro photography is a total new thing to me. Never try, never know that macro photography really takes out much attention and patient to do so. Again, although I had done this many many time, I salute you guys who has the patient and attention in macro photography.

This is my very first macro photos from a true 1:1 macro lens. These ants basically stay there, hence I could able to go near them without disturbing their routine life. A flash was placed on camera left slightly behind the ends at level 1/32, triggered via Sony on-body flash commander.

Although it's a 1:1 macro lens, still I need to crop my photos. Is that normal?

I admit I got hooked by macro-ing now. I am really a little late to do macro-ing, but hey, is there a age limit for learning? No, right ?

I have no idea what is this thing, but it's motionless while I was taking its photos. Some body told me it's a larvae of a ladybird.....

Anyway, plant portrait is much much much easier than insects!! At least they don't move, if there is no air movement. :D

I think I like macro-ing as well. :D


fiziskandarz said...

coolness! wish i could have one myself :D

en_me said...

sangat chantekk.. ehehe

Cher Ping said...

yes, its normal to crop even if its 1:1. 1:1 just means that you have a shot that takes up size on your film (or sensor) - so if you have a small subject in the first place, its going to appear small on film.

you could however, do the following:
attach a teleconverter on the macro. It will make the picture bigger by the teleconverter size - watch out for the dof and possible difraction (i think) though.

for example, this was taken with the described method:
(see )

have fun with it!

eizy_noor_izza said...

luv ur pic. hope i can get my new lens. i'm trying to have 50mm or 35mm lens 1st :)

Beatrice Harris said...

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