Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's been awhile ....

Since my last update to this blog. Well, since I'd change my life completely, I don't have the "free time" luxurious as I used to be.....

The biggest shift of my life so far is to move back to Penang from KL. 9 years ago I went down South to KL alone, hoping to be a modern city boy with happening life. 9 long years had gone, and I couldn't enjoy this so call "modern city boy" living style; all I went through was rather a poor little guy struggling to get a space in this big city.

I came back to Penang not empty handed. At least I brought back a wife and a son. :)

This photo make me proud. And because of this photo being featured during the recent Sony Expo in Mid Valley, KL, we had a pretty crazy 24 hours KL trip! Ee Young's photo is printed into a poster size and framed with high quality Aluminium frame and been feature as a photo in Sony photography workshop ! How cool is that !

Too bad my current work load had taken much of my time. I could feel spider had found its place in my dry box. I think it's time for me to take out my camera for UV screening under the sun. :p

I'd taken moon's photos for many many times, but this is my very first time shooting moon with a 400mm lens ! Cool lens it is ! Too bad it's AF is malfunction, but who needs AF function when shooting a moon ? :p

I finally found a very good advantage of owning a high mega-pixel camera: I could crop my photo for zooming effect without losing much detail ! The lizard was having its sun-bath while I was in my room about 3 metres away. With only 70mm "tele-zoom" lens I have, I took this shot, then I post-zoom again by cropping my photo. Not bad, huh. :p

So, what am I up to now? This photo tells it all:

Something to do with furniture, and I finally got to put my gears into very useful manner. LOL

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